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Zombie Boot Camp After Dark: Back By Popular Demand!


Zombie Boot Camp for 2: The Ultimate Zombie Experience!


Fight the zombie menace in the nation's capital
As seen on TOWIE


Zombie Infection: Brand New Experience!


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Get on track with some blistering automotive experiences. Go off-road, jump behind the wheel of an iconic supercar, try a quad bike or take a tank for a spin!


Take to the skies with a variety of thrilling aerial adventures. Enjoy a helicopter ride, pilot a classic Tiger Moth, soar on board a glider or drift divinely in a hot air balloon.

Spa Days

Spoil yourself rotten with a pampering visit to a luxurious spa. Spend the day at a health club, indulge in a manicure or facial, you could even try a boudoir photoshoot!

Spa Days

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Time to turn your adrenaline dial all the way up to 11. Battle zombies, tackle some SWAT training, skydive, bungee jump or hunt for werewolves.


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We want to extract the boredom from your life and replace it with a big slab of joy.

As well as offering an amazing array of unique experiences - perfect for everyone, from the most intrepid thrill-seeker to the most timid tea-drinker - we also provide sensationally low prices and the finest customer service legally allowed.

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"A 55-minute chocolate body wrap will prove the ultimate indulgence for a chocoholic."

The Sun
14 Oct 2011

"For a treat he won't forget we suggest you take professional pics - naked!"

27 January 2012

"We're sat in the front seat... [as] a zombie... starts hammering at the windscreen."

2 December 2011

"It turned out these ‘zombies’ [experiences] really meant business..."

28 November 2011

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