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The Wishfesto

  • Our prices are unbeatable

    Our aim is simple: to offer you the best possible experience at the lowest price. That's why we guarantee we offer the best price.

  • Best Price

    We work with some of the UK's biggest experience days companies. That means we can negotiate the best possible prices for you.

    And because we only sell online, we can keep our costs right down. In fact, we can offer you discounts of up to 50% on amazing experience days.

  • Happiness Guaranteed

    That's why every experience at has been reviewed and rated - often by customers just like you.

    In fact, you'll notice that most experiences have a four- or five-star review. There's a good reason for that: if anything comes up short, we simply don't sell it. (In fact, most experiences like this never even make it on the website in the first place.)

  • We've gone green

    As we're in the business of fast cars, planes and tanks, we try to give something back. So for every gram of carbon released on one of our experiences, we offset four grams, via our friends at the charity Cool Earth. Racing Lamborghinis has never been greener.

What our customers are saying

**** 3 March 2013

I was very satisfied with the fast service, and would recommend to others.

***** 26 Feb 2013

Have had good customer service experience from wish when calling to discuss options for Zombie Experiemnces and an existing voucher I had bought and a second I wanted to buy.

***** 24 Feb 2013

Fantastic!! Amazing gift presentation made for a lovely present used wish before and will be using again soon great range of activities. Staff were really helpful

***** 22 Feb 2013

Cannot overstate how impressed I was with Wish. Great range of experiences; easy to navigate website; first rate customer service; brilliant communication style; beautifully packaged gift item; super fast delivery - what more can you ask for?

**** 3 March 2013

Just wanted to say how outstanding your service has been - we must try and find more staff like you for our business!

***** 26 Feb 2013

Thanks for providing the best possible birthday present for my husband.

***** 24 Feb 2013

You put a smile on my face whilst I am stuck at home with tonsillitis missing the work xmas do, thank you!

***** 22 Feb 2013

Thanks the package arrived very quickly and I liked the style of your email!

A Brief History of

Like all the best relationships, was born of a Las Vegas shotgun wedding.

Flash back to 2007. MySpace ruled the school in Nerdsville, Mark Zuckerberg was still yet to make first base with a lady and and "credit crunch" was but a supermarket brand breakfast cereal.

Meanwhile, two British internet geeks were about to meet in sunny Las Vegas at a nerdy internet conference.

Deciding there better things to do in Sin City than hearing about "leveraging X to Optimize Y", Richard Kershaw and Stephen Pavlovich headed out to Nellis Dunes to race buggies.

Richard was fed up with life as a internet gun-for-hire; Stephen's had had it with stroppy clients and their pesky demands.So they started hatching plans to work together as fast as possible - with non-hilarious consequences...

In July 2011, launched. It wasn’t the prettiest website (only the zombies were uglier"

A is Born, July 2011

Phew! They made it. launched on X July 2011 amid much fanfare (in the Pavlovich household), and front page coverage (Braintree & Witham Times "What's On" supplement).

The site goes live on X July and… nothing. Three days later, we have our first two customers. Our first order? It's a Spa Day for Two, priced at a very reasonable £40.50.

We wait a heartbreaking seven days for customer number three :(

The article that started it all. Page 3 of the Metro 2011"

In February 2012, Richard and Stephen are in Paris for the weekend with Mrs Stephen when news of our Romantic Break for Three makes headlines from Taiwan to Finland.

Colombian state radio, meanwhile, condemn it as a national disgrace while BBC Five Live's Nicky Campbell welcomes a polyamory advocate on to discuss the pros and cons.

We wonder wide-eyed why nobody gets so excited about our driving experiences.'s post room during Christmas 2012"
Taken mere metres from Area 51, fact fans. Coincidence - or conspiracy?"

The Past - Death or Glory, March 2011

Fast forward to 2011... Turns out 'pronto' means "four years or less".

Under a full moon, they sign a blood pact to shake up the dreary world of experience days. They swear on each other's lives to make life less boring for millions (ok, ok, dozens) of customers across the country.

Zombie experiences are but a glint in their eye, and nobody has so much as muttered the seedy words "Romantic Break for Three" or "Mile High Club.

They start to hatch plans for the new business - code name "Richard's Gift Shop" - and promise to launch the new business in 12 weeks or less.

Best get the website built, then. Richard & Stephen assemble a crack team to help make the magic happen.

In July 2011, launched. It wasn’t the prettiest website (only the zombies were uglier"

Wanted...Undead or alive

Fast forward to November 2011, and one thing changes EVERYTHING. Our then PR agency, 10 Yetis, secure us a whopping full page write up in London town's fabulous 'Metro' paper.

Christened after the proprietors' Geordie mall of choice, Metro changes everything for the team. In the ITV4 dramatisation, our story cuts to them popping bottles (Tesco own-brand cava - model's own), and some unconvincing promises that "success won't change us".

Meanwhile, we sell out Zombie Boot Camp - our very first zombie experience day - for over a year. Roy-who-runs-it doesn't know what's hit him, and now has to juggle battling zombies in the midlands with his day job in the British Army.

It's April 2012. Simon Pegg general tweets about our brand-spanking new Zombie Shopping Mall experience and the world goes zombie mental.

BBC1, CNN, Fox News and The Sun all jump on the zombie bandwagon and we welcome customers from an eye-watering 26 countries.

The Future

Who knows? Watch this space! Or better still, follow us on Twitter @WishCoUk and like us Facebook to be first to find out!

Want to know more? Head over to our press page or learn more about the team. Or drop us a line!

Ready to get shopping? Good to hear! May we suggest our driving and flying experiences or spa days are a good place to start.