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Bungee Jumping View All >>

Jumping is fun. If you’d like to take jumping one stage further, try jumping off a crane! A stubbly man will be on hand to attach you to a gigantic rubber band before giving you a gentle shove off a platform. There’s no better feeling than falling 200ft while trying to hold onto your breakfast. Purchase a bungee jump voucher from Wish today and there really won’t be any going back: bring your mates and perform the ultimate dare. Locations are available all over the UK. If you want to rope in a mate (arf!), we have tandem jumps too.

Sky Diving and Parachuting View All >>

Skydiving is no longer about jumping out of planes. Well, OK, it’s mainly about jumping out of planes. But if the whole plane thing isn’t your bag, you can also choose to experience the thrill of a skydive in an indoor Airkix or SkyVenture wind tunnel thanks to the range of skydiving experiences at Wish. Been there, done that? Skydiving a bit yawnsome? Have a look at our Air Sphereing experiences: all the thrill of hovering in the air, but in a daft inflatable ball! Whatever you choose, locations are available all over the UK and delivery is always free.

Sphereing View All >>

Sphereing: sounds weird, extreme and a bit silly - and it is. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a hamster going crazy in one of those crazy hamster ball thingies, now’s your chance to find out. Pick up a Sphereing voucher from Wish, and you’ll soon find yourself rocking and rolling down a hill in a bouncy ball that may or may not be full of water and/or another person’s flailing limbs. Check out our skydiving section if you fancy a little indoor Sphereing action in a wind tunnel. Yes, such a thing does exist!

Watersports View All >>

Take your lust for adventure to the next level with our exciting watersports experiences. Choose the serenity of a PADI scuba diving lesson and you’ll be prepped for that big diving holiday in no time. If you have a need for watery speed, go crazy on a jet ski in Reading (a wet bit of Reading, obviously) or experience a cold, unpleasant British river at its coldest and most unpleasant with a bit of white-knuckle white water rafting. Delivery is free to all UK addresses on all our adrenaline experiences, days out and gifts. What are you waiting for?

Sailing View All >>

Treat yourself to a day on the water with a sailing experience voucher from Wish! There’s lots of choice: select a day out for yourself or pick up vouchers for all the family. Try a ride down the Solent or the Thames in a RIB with a tour guide: vouchers are available for adults and kids. Visit Kent or Leicestershire and take a one-person hovercraft for a flight: the day is suitable for anyone over 12 and includes a race and a challenging obstacle course. For the more adventurous, we offer powerboat experiences that will really test your nerve!

Climbing View All >>

Ice is nice. Well, only when there’s a little cube of it in your glass of pop. It’s not so nice when you’re dangling half way down a solid wall of the stuff on the end of a little rope. Test your climbing skills and take on 300m² of pure compacted ice during our climbing challenge experience: it’s available in Manchester or London and it’s suitable for anyone aged 13 or over. Various craggy overhangs and slippy bits are available to suit all abilities, so no experience is necessary, and all the gear you need is provided too!

Adrenalin Experiences: How to Choose

Get the adrenaline flowing (and your pumpy bits pumping) with one of our exciting experiences for all the family.

Make a splash with a high-speed trip on a RIB, do an indoor skydive or a bit of riot training, or don your flippers for a PADI scuba diving sesh. If rolling down a hill inside a beach ball sounds like fun, you should have a go at Sphereing: if you’re ultra-chilled, try an ice climb.

Of course, we also sell romantic (?) bungee jump experiences for couples. (Just try not to be sick in her hair, it might spoil the occasion.)

Adrenalin Experience FAQs

Q: Do I need to be fit to take part in Adrenaline experiences?
A: For some of our experiences, it makes sense to be relatively fit, although you don’t need to be an athlete by any means. You should be able to break into a jog without keeling over. Some experiences aren’t suitable for people with health problems for obvious reasons, and most venues will not allow you to take part if you’re pregnant.
Q: Can we book for a work party, hen do or stag night?
A: Yes you can! If you’d like to arrange a group booking, just buy the vouchers you need and call the provider to book your chosen date. If you want to check availability first, call the team and we’ll help you out. We must point out that there are no group discounts though: we’re already charging pretty great prices for our experiences.
Q: I’m a daft scaredy-cat. Can I come along and watch please?
A: Are you sure we can’t tempt you to try something like Sphereing? OK, if not, no problem: most experiences have spectator facilities on-site. If it’s important that your family and friends can point and laugh, you might want to check this before you book: not all our venues can accommodate spectators, and some might impose a limit on the number of people you can bring.

Adrenaline: the stats

Overall, our Adrenaline are rated 4.9 / 5 based on 27 reviews from happy Wish customers.