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Bungee Jump (300 Feet)

This is a massive bungee jump that’ll leave you riding an adrenaline wave for hours.
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  • Experience the thrill of a bungee jump from a crane.
  • Dare to try this huge 300ft jump.
  • Take home a DVD or photos of the day.

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Once you take that death-defying leap, there’s no going back. This bungee jump gives you 300 feet of pure, unadulterated adrenaline as you plummet towards the ground. As the rope stretches you’ll start to slow, before bouncing back up and then falling once more as gravity takes hold.

Our 300-foot bungee crane dwarfs anything in its vicinity, so if you’re of a nervous disposition it might be wise to look elsewhere on your approach to the site. We don’t want you wimping out!

You’ll start the day with a full safety briefing. It might be wise to have your back to the bungee crane while this happens – it can be hard to concentrate while also contemplating your imminent doom. After the briefing, we’ll weigh you in order to calculate the correct bungee and then it’s time to get kitted up.

The ride up in our special bungee cave is, to be honest, terrifying. It’ll feel tortuously slow and, as you watch your friends and family get smaller and smaller, you’ll start to wonder exactly why you choose to take on this challenge.

Before you know it, it’s just you and the jump. So what’ll it be? A huge swallow dive into the unknown or a reluctant wobble over the edge? However, you do it, once you’re back on solid ground you’ll still feel like you’re flying. You can look forward to a beautiful natural high for hours to come.

Of course, you’ll be able to purchase photos and a DVD of your achievement as soon as you’re done.
What happens on the day?
Your day will start with all the usual safety precautions. You’ll be given a membership form to fill in for insurance purposes, followed by a full safety briefing and a quick weighing to help us choose the right bungee. After that, you’ll be attached to the bungee and loaded into our special bungee cage. Once you’ve climbed the 300 feet to the bungee platform, it’s all up to you! Make the leap and you’ll be back on solid ground before you know it. There are quite a few restrictions on who’s eligible to jump so please check our notes before you book or buy for a friend. Please wear all-weather friendly clothes as there might not be anywhere covered to wait for your turn.....
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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher will be valid for 10 months. You can't jump if you suffer from high blood pressure, you have a heart condition or you're pregnant, or you suffer from dizziness, epilepsy, asthma, any neurological conditions or diabetes. If you suffer from neck damage or problems with your back, ankles or eyes, please talk to your doctor and get a medical certificate before the jump. Please let the operator know if you're taking any form of medication. Participants must be 14 or older. Participants who are aged 14 or 15 need the permission of a parent or guardian. The maximum weight is 120kg. No over 50's without doctor's certificate. Glasses and hard contact lenses can not be worn. There might not be anywhere to shelter, so make sure you check the weather and dress appropriately. You must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Club. If you present a doctor s certificate on the day you will be required to sign a non standard waiver.