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Tandem Bungee Jump

Flowers, romantic meals, tacky cards with sickly sweet messages on them – we’ve all wracked our brains for more original and meaningful ways to say ‘I love you’ and had to admit defeat.

As always, Wish is one step ahead of the game, and for those of you looking to add a little extra boing to your relationship, we can offer the ultimate leap of lovers’ faith – the tandem Bungee Jump.

Do you love someone enough to jump with them off a 170ft platform, strapped intimately close together with only a rubber cord between you and romantic martyrdom? Don’t worry – if you need a little extra Dutch courage to help you along, we can even offer complimentary Champagne.


Q: I have often bungeed alone, but I think I’m at a stage in my life where I may want to get more people involved. Is this possible?
A: It is! If by ‘more’ you mean ‘one’, as we offer a selection of tandem bungee jumps.
Q: Who do I get to go with? Just random passing people?
A: No, you select the person and bring them along. As you’ll be pretty closely bound together, it’s usually someone you are romantically involved with, but it can be anyone you don’t mind being up close and personal with.
Q: But won’t we be twice as heavy? Won’t that just be asking for bungee trouble?
A: That, and all other safety measures, is taken into account. The both of you will be very carefully weighed and assessed to make sure the right bungee rope is used. We make sure everything is super-safe, using the best, most highly trained staff and make sure everything is perfect before, during and after your jump.
Q: But how will I remember this special day? In my dotage for example?
A: Video footage of your jump, photos of the experience and other merchandise will be available for purchase on the day.
Q: So what can stop me and Claudinette doing this right very now?
A: A variety of things. Obviously this is an extreme activity and not suitable for everyone. You can’t be under 14 and under 16’s need a parents or guardians permission and signature. Over 50’s may need a doctor’s certificate and may also need to sign a waiver. There may be some weight restrictions for the larger human and there are a number of ailments and conditions that may prevent participation. There should be a full list on the experience description page. If anything isn’t clear, just ask the supplier or contact us.
Q: Of course, there is nothing more romantic than flinging yourself off a high platform harnessed to the one you love, but is there a way to make it more romantic?
A: Ah, you’ll be wanting our Lovers Leap bungee adventure, specially designed for cooing couples, which involves champagne (after the jump).
Q: Great, which direction should I take when leaving the house?
A: I don’t know. I don’t know where you are or where you are going. But there are a variety of bungee centres offering tandem jumps around the UK.
Q: And I suppose I should dress sharp as this is a first date?
A: First date? Well, I guess if they go through with it, then they are a keeper. You should dress appropriately for the weather. You may be outside, without shelter, for a period, so bear that in mind.

Fun Facts

  • 1. SCAD diving is similar to bungee jumping but there is no cord; instead the participants fall into a net. I’m not sure what SCAD stands for, but it sounds a bit underpanty, which is worrying.
  • 2. Some sites offer a ‘water touchdown’, which involves dipping into water as the bungee reaches its full stretch. If you are into ‘extreme shampooing’ this is perfect.
  • 3. A bungee cord can last for 1500 jumps, but is usually changed way before that. Always use my handy little epigram: “If it looks a little frayed, you should be very afraid”. Should make me a million I reckon.
  • 4. Bungee jumping nude is one way to get a discount at some sites. Billy Connolly is one of the few celebrities who have attempted nude bungee jumping. Just make sure you inspect your tackle before proceeding.
  • 5. The Reverse Bungee is a type of fairground ride that was invented by Troy Griffin in 1978, where the participant is flung into the air by a strong bungee type rope. A ‘Reverse Bungee’ also sounds like something vaguely filthy you’d find on the internet.
  • 6. The world’s oldest bungee jumper was Mohr Keet, who at 96 years old, jumped from South Africa's Bloukrans Bridge. I wonder if he had enough time for his life to flash before his eyes.
  • 7. On average, two out of every ten people who attempt bungee jumping refuse to go through with it. Why don’t they make those two jump together? They might do it if there’s someone else there.
  • 8. Jim Carrey performed his own bungee jumping stunt in the film Yes Man, leaping over the Arroyo Seco in California. Are they crazy! Why would they risk anything happening to the world’s greatest comedian? Don’t they know that the world needs laughter?