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How much better would games of ‘war’ have been when you were a kid if you’d had access to an armory of gas-propelled weapons firing small pellets of paint with which to splat your friends/enemies?

Well, better late than never, and our fantastic value paint-balling vouchers allow you and seven mates to charge around like psychotic seven-year-olds in full battle fatigues trying to inflict bruises on each other in the most hilarious places.

Or, if heavy artillery is your thing, how a paint balling mission that involves stalking and destroying your foes from the safety of a TANK. Cool, huh?


Q: Yeah, paintballing, yeah. Paintballing, yeah.
A: Yes. Paintballing. Yes.
Q: What’s paintballing?
A: Paintballing is the closest thing to a real combat situation you can get, without signing up for a squaddie stint. You’ll be handed a gas-propelled paintball gun, some safety goggles and camouflage overalls and then take to the woods and shoot at each other.
Q: Does it hurt?
A: A direct hit can sting a bit. So don’t get hit! But you’ll be well protected and as long as you don’t do anything silly or squander the rules, you’ll be fine.
Q: So probably shouldn’t wear my Armani joggers then?
A: Nope, you’ll be running about in the wilderness, so wear comfortable stuff you don’t mind getting dirty, or having paint and squirrel droppings on. You’ll be wearing protective clothing but there might be a bit of splatter.
Q: Can I bring my mates and shoot them? Especially Simon?
A: We would love that to happen. We have a paintballing experience for 8 which is insanely good value, so you can bring your pals and whatnot along.
Q: Where are the paintball woods?
A: We have tons of locations all over the UK, so there should be one near you.
Q: Can I be a child?
A: Depends on where you are. The minimum age at most locations is 12 years old but check with the operator on final booking.
Q: What if I fancy something a bit more involved with shouting and bangs?
A: Then you may fancy either our famous SWAT training or Bodyguard training experiences. Again you’ll have a paintball gun, but you’ll be given missions to undertake in a far more realistic battle scenario. Or if you like REALLY big bangs, then have a crack at our Tank Battle Paintballing, where you’ll be dealing with an enormous, authentic 432 APC tank.

Fun Facts

  • 1. It is estimated that over 10 million people paintball in the United States annually. I don’t know if that’s 10 million different people or just a handful of really gung-ho paintballers.
  • 2. Insurance statistics have shown that paintball is one of the safest sports, with fewer injuries than tennis, golf and bowling. For some reason, I picture most bowling injuries as being groin related – but that might be just me.
  • 3. The first paintballs were created in the 1970s by Charles Nelson of the Nelson Paint Company for use by foresters to mark trees from a distance and also by cattlemen to mark cows. The trees probably enjoyed it more than the cows.
  • 4. The earliest versions of paintballs were made from wax, but they were not sufficiently durable. I have eleven ‘waxy ball’ gags lined-up, but I have been told that none of them are suitable for publication.
  • 5. Twelve players competed against each other in the first paintball game on June 27, 1980. It isn’t clear if it was six against six or eleven against one really annoying dude.
  • 6. Being shot in the mask during a paintball game in known as ‘Gogging’. But don’t go gogging a goggee or else you’ll be branded a gogger.
  • 7. One celebrity paintballer is William Shatner, who once led 1500 players in a Star Trek scenario game in 2002. Were they all Star Trek fans or ‘shooting William Shatner with a paintball’ fans?
  • 8. Some paintball guns can fire a .68 calibre ball at 120MPH. As my nether regions discovered to my cost.
  • 9. The word ‘sniper’ originated in the 1770s among soldiers in British India where it was used to describe a hunter skilled enough to kill the elusive snipe. Maybe it wouldn’t be so elusive if people weren’t always trying to shoot it.
  • 10. Paintball scenes are quickly becoming a Rom-Com staple, appearing in films such as Failure To Launch, This Means War and 10 Things I Hate About You. And of course the fictional classic ‘So I Married a Paintballer’.

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