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Indoor Skydiving Experience Days

Indoor skydiving is ideal for those who don’t like the sky - or diving. With Airkix and SkyVenture indoor skydiving experiences, you can feel the thrill of being blown about like a human leaf in the safety of a huge industrial wind tunnel.

Solo or duo experience vouchers are available, so you can treat a friend and share your day. An experienced tutor will be on hand to make confusing hand gestures and laugh at your silly face, and you should ensure someone is waiting in the wings to take photos. Delivery is free on all our adrenaline experiences and gifts!


Q: Indoor skydiving? How do they get the plane in there? How high is the ceiling?
A: Oh, I fear you are being droll with me. No, this is an alternative to the ‘leaping from a plane’ variety of skydiving, where the experience is simulated. Inside.
Q: But how? Is Wicca involved?
A: No, we decided to use a SkyVenture Wind Tunnel, which blasts air at around 200 Km/h. On this gnarly wind jet you balance hover and drift, just like you’re skydiving. But rather than going down, you’ll be sort of going up.
Q: Alone?
A: We have a dedicated batch of experienced instructors to help you and firmly grip your sleeves as you get going. They will show you the best way to have maximum fun. Plus we also have indoor skydiving adventures for two, so you can do the crazy old thing with a pally.
Q: But for how long?
A: All deps (depends) on the experience you go for. The actual ‘skydiving’ is usually a minute or so and there will be multiple goes, depending on how much dough you’ve ponied up.
Q: I’m quite happy to go jumpsuit shopping this very second, is that necessary?
A: Sadly no. At the centre, you will get kitted up in flight suit, specialist headgear, goggles, earplugs, knee and elbow pads. Everything you need to skydive safe.
Q: So you are saying I shouldn’t wear my special new jumpsuit when I arrive?
A: We prefer it if you wear casual clothes, ideally a t-shirt without a collar, and lace-up trainers.
Q: And I’m barely out of the toddling stage, I assume you’re about to tell me to sling my hook?
A: Actually no! The minimum age for this experience is four years old. For under 18's a parent or guardian must sign a waiver.
Q: And my lumbago? An issue?
A: This experience is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has ever had a dislocated shoulder. Check with your doctor first if you have a history of neck/back/heart problems. Or just ask us if you’re baffled.
Q: Got anything more platform-based?
A: Why not try our Indoor Parachuting! With that one you are harnessed and then climb a platform 150 feet in the air. Then you leap into the abyss until, for the final thirty feet of your fall, sophisticated Powerfan technology guides you in for a smooth and gentle landing. It’s just like parachuting!
Q: But what about witnesses?
A: For both these experiences, either DVDs or photos will be available of you mucking about in the air like a crazy bird.

Fun Facts

  • 1. During freefall, the wind travelling past your ears is well over 100 mph, making conversation impossible. So all that fantastic airborne Patrick Swayze dialogue in Point Break? A lie, a filthy lie.
  • 2. A skydiver known simply as ‘Jonas’ holds the record for getting the first tattoo while freefalling at a height of 4000 meters. I wonder if it read: “Wait Why Are We Doing This Again?”
  • 3. Adrian Ionel Haiduc launched his Man on Air jewellery collection with 11 parachutists jumping from a plane wearing his creations, setting the record for ‘highest jewellery launch’. And, unfortunately, ‘highest altitude mugging’ (I imagine).
  • 4. Crashed pilots have used their parachutes to save their lives underwater by deploying them as well as activating their life vests. The chute helps drag them to the surface. And I suppose it could also attract the attention of Aquaman or other ocean based superheroes.
  • 5. Frank Moody holds the record for oldest skydiver when he made a tandem jump aged 101 in 2004. Finally, somebody who actually deserves one of those ‘World’s Greatest Grandpa’ mugs.
  • 6. Skydiving fanatic Don Kellner has jumped over 41,000 times in his life. He either loves parachutes or hates airplanes.
  • 7. Drop Zone and Terminal Velocity were two skydiving action films, both released in December 1994. What a Christmas that was.
  • 8. Felix Baumgartner famously broke the freefall record with his 24 mile leap from the edge of space on October 14, 2012. I know I was holding my breath with anticipation as I saw him fall from the capsule, as me, and many others, thought ‘Am I missing Never Mind the Buzzcocks for this?’