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Solo Skydiving

There are all sorts of things in life that we can file away under the category ‘so wrong yet so right’. One such is throwing yourself out of a plane – obviously madness and yet indisputably attractive.

If you’re looking for the ultimate adrenalin rush, or just looking to punish a close one for some heinous wrong, Wish offers great value tandem skydive packages where you simply turn up, go through a quick safety briefing and cuddle up close to an expert as they prepare to launch you both into free fall from several thousand feet.

Alternatively, try our fabulous Airkix Indoor Skydiving experiences at Europe’s first purpose-built indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Whooshy!


Q: Ever since my church sanctioned that floating is no longer a sin, I have desired to pursue it.
A: You are in luck, as we have a wide range of skydiving and parachuting madcap escapades.
Q: But this is something I must do alone. It is the only way.
A: Groovy. Most of our plane-leaping adventures are tandem ones, where you are strapped to an instructor, but we do have some solo experiences.
Q: Such as?
A: How about a static parachute jump? On this two day course, you’ll undergo intensive training, so one day you learn all the knowledge associated with parachuting and on day two you’ll make the leap itself.
Q: Sounds feasible. But if I wish to float free like a Twix wrapper?
A: We have an Accelerated Freefall course, where again you will undergo several days of intense training (which would usually take weeks or months) and then embark on eight freefalls, some with instructors in tow. At the end you’ll be a qualified skydiver.
Q: Sweet. Do I need to tell you about my neck lump? For the sake of ballast?
A: Oh mercy, there is a whole slew of medical hoo-hahs that may prevent you from skydiving. You’ll find a great big list on the experience page. If you have any of those, or anything else that might stop you from hurtling to the ground, ask the supplier or contact us. You may also be asked to complete and sign a ‘Declaration of Fitness’.
Q: And is age an issue?
A: Big time. You have to be over 16 for starters. If you are on the other end of the spectrum, say 40 years old or above, you may need to provide written permission from your doctor. If you think you may not be suitable, you can try tandem skydiving or indoor skydiving.
Q: What else can stop me?
A: The weather. Obviously you want optimum conditions so you can enjoy the view and avoid been blown into a bush. Check on the day of your experience to make sure everything is placid enough to proceed.
Q: Finally, is it safe?
A: Of course! As with any activity of this nature there are risks involved. But we strive to get the best dudes and dudettes on board. Expert trainers, brilliant equipment, fully functioning aircraft. Yep, you’ll be fine.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The Union Flag parachute leap for the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me in July 1976 cost $500,000, the most expensive single movie stunt at the time. And yet Roger Moore still didn’t get an Oscar. There is no justice in the world.
  • 2. Patrick Swayze did his own skydiving in the action movie Point Break, eventually making over 55 jumps for the film. And Keanu did his own walking and door opening, which is quite an achievement for the little fellow.
  • 3. Former US President George H.W. Bush celebrated his 85th birthday in 2009 by making a tandem jump, his sixth skydive since leaving the presidency. How the mighty have fallen.
  • 4. Most jumps take place at an altitude of around 11,000 feet, which makes freefalls last about 40 seconds. The parachute is usually opened at around 4,500 feet and it takes another five minutes to land. Though it may seem quicker if you have your eyes closed and scream the whole time.
  • 5. Many believe that breathing is impossible during freefall, but it isn’t true. People skydiving would pass out before reaching the ground if it were. Though feel free to sing ‘Take My Breath Away’, it only adds to the experience.
  • 6. In a recent survey, skydiving was actually in second place on people’s bucket lists, with driving a race car coming in at number one. And number 96? Eating an entire bucket of fried chicken at Thorpe Park.
  • 7. The largest freefall formation was made up of 400 members of the Royal Thai Airforce in 2006. That would have been a really good opportunity for someone to invade Thailand.
  • 8. Croatian Fausto Vrancic may have constructed a device based on Da Vinci's drawing of a parachute and jumped from a Venice tower while wearing it in 1617, though it is still disputed. Which is why you should always pay extra for the photographs when you do that kind of thing, it’s totally worth it.
  • 9. German aerialists Hermann Lattemann and Kathe Paulus developed the method of folding or packing the parachute in a knapsack to be worn on the back before its release. And I bet they were brilliant at hospital corners too.