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Tandem Skydiving & Parachuting Experience Days

Note: Tandem skydiving doesn’t involve bicycles with two saddles. That would be silly. It simply involves convincing a friend (or enemy) to jump out of a plane with you as you scream in their ear. How hard can that be?

For those who aren’t too keen on the ‘plane’ bit, we can offer indoor tandem skydiving experiences too: all the fun of flapping about in the wind but without the vertigo.

If you’re the daring type, give indoor air Sphereing a go! Our skydiving experiences are available at locations all over the UK, and delivery is free on everything too.


Q: Skydiving on a tandem? What, is this for Comic Relief or something?
A: Oh my dear delicious one, you have misunderstood and it delights me. No, tandem skydiving is the sort of skydiving where you are strapped, tightly, to a qualified instructor. You get the thrill while he does the work.
Q: Up in the sky?
A: Very much so. After being fully briefed and provided with all the safety info, you’ll be shot up several thousand feet into the air. Sometimes 9000, sometimes 12000, even 15000 which is as high as you can go before needing oxygen.
Q: How much is diving and how much is drifting?
A: You’ll usually skydive for a couple of thousand feet before the parachute is deployed and you drift delicately down to the ground, taking in the gorgeous countryside.
Q: So it’s safe?
A: Absolutely. Obviously with this kind of extreme activity there are always risks. But with have the most experienced instructors, the finest aircraft and equipment and take every precaution before chucking you out of a plane.
Q: And if it’s gusty?
A: Yes, obviously this experience is reliant on good weather. Check before you leave your dwelling on the morning of your experience to make sure everything is glorious. If it isn’t we can rebook.
Q: My proportions have frequently been described as ‘sideboard-esque’, is that tricky?
A: There are maximum weight requirements for this experience. Check the small print on the description, or check with us or the supplier. And don’t fib, you’ll get weighed at the skydive centre.
Q: Oh dear, that might be a problem as I often get out of breath when I try to get on a set of scales?
A: You do need a certain amount of physical fitness to attempt this experience. You may need to sign a health declaration and obviously let us know if there is anything that you might think will hinder your enjoyment. There will probably be a great big long list of ailments that you can’t have to do this on the information page of the experience, so have a trawl through them.
Q: Can I get this for my 15th birthday?
A: No, you’ll have to wait a year. Minimum age for parachuting is 16 and for anyone under 18 you may need to get a parent or guardian to sign a waiver.

Fun Facts

  • 1. There is an extreme sport called Banzai Skydiving, where the parachute is thrown out of the airplane first and then the skydiver jumps after it. I’m a Celebrity producers? Are you reading this? Maybe a new twist? I’d love to see Biggins doing that.
  • 2. It is reported that in the 1100's, a thief in Arabia escaped arrest by climbing to the top of a mosque and jumping, holding onto two umbrellas and reaching the ground without injury. Like a delinquent Mary Poppins.
  • 3. The first skydiver, although it’s disputed, may have been Grant Morton who in 1911 jumped from a Wright Model B airplane using a folded silk parachute which threw into the air and landed safely. Which I believe a certain budget airline has plans to introduce for their passengers in the near future.
  • 4. After World War II, paratroopers started jumping again for the sheer pleasure of it and skydiving as a recreation and competitive sport began. And the lack of bullets and shrapnel must have been a nice change of pace.
  • 5. Extreme ironing is the latest insane danger sport, combining the thrills of skydiving accompanied by an ironing board and laundry that you press on the way done. And if there’s a problem with the parachute, then your shirts get pressed REALLY well.
  • 6. Sharon Har Noi's hair was cut by Israeli hairdresser Oren Orkabi while they were skydiving at a height of 14,000 feet on the 25th April, 2007. You must have enormous follicles to try something like that.
  • 7. Tom Petty’s hit single Free Fallin’ is not about parachuting at all but a song about a lost childhood sweetheart. Which made it so awkward when I presented Tom with that embroidered parachute with all the lyrics on it at the NEC in 1999.
  • 8. The Parachute Music Festival is a Christian music event held annually in Hamilton, New Zealand. So it had nothing to do with actual skydiving. Though I imagine there are quite a few prayers said when people leap from a plane.