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Exclusive One Hour Adult Ski Lesson

Don’t be a dope, takes to the slopes and master your snow sliding prowess with this one hour ski lesson.
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  • Get taught how to ski by the experts!
  • Endorsed by Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott
  • Includes free photo

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Thanks to underarm deodorants and coal, we now live in a perpetual winter. To survive this new tundra based Deadwood you’ll need to ski, so have a refresher lesson!

At this one hour lesson with Skiplex (‘the Skiplex people’) you can either be shown the basics of ski control before embarking on that marriage saving trip to the Alps, or brush up on your skills before entering a televised skiing talent show called On the Piste.

You can even have a crack at that crazy, new, exciting venture of Snowboarding, which is a bit like surfing except there’s no water and the water is frozen and it’s cold and there are no stingrays. What could be better? Eternal life – no, I don’t think so, this is better.
What happens on the day?
After arriving at the ski place, you’ll be kitted out in your skis or board, depending on which way you swing, then taken out to our endless slope (n.b. slope does actually end, stop suing us). This slope features a smooth continuous track and is the closest thing to an actual ski run you’ll find on this side of the equator. The nifty track can be adjusted, increasing or reducing the gradient to match your level of expertise. From people who initially try to eat their snowboard and cry at the sight of ice to those who whip down the slopes like the gentlemen in the early stages of an adult film entitled ‘Up To Snow Good’ which I once saw whilst staying at a Lebanese hotel. But we want to give you things too! As well as an hour of expert tuition and a honing of your snow sport skills, you’ll get a photo commemorating your fun day out PLUS the chance to get a free t-shirt or beanie. Imagine that! You’ve always wanted a beanie. You can wear it when you go to see Smashmouth or to that wake. New skills and fetching fashion wear – it’s probably going to be the greatest day of your life. Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott has endorsed it, so what are you waiting for? Get showy on the snowy and take this one hour ski lesson. ....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 6 months for one person. Minimum age for skiing is 6 years, minimum age for snowboarding is 8 years. You must be in relatively good health to enjoy this experience. The experience includes boots and ski/snowboard hire. Gloves, full-length trousers and long sleeved tops must be worn by everyone taking part in snow activity. This is a group lesson of up to 10 people. The experience includes boots and ski/snowboard hire. Clothing hire is available at a cost of £5 for trousers and jackets, gloves are available to buy. You must book a date with the supplier using the details provided on the activation site. Dates for this experience are subject to availability. If you have a specific date in mind, feel free to call us on 020 8275 5256 to check it's available. Sorry, this voucher can't be extended.