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Aqua Sphering: Everything you need to know

Sphereing involves being strapped into gigantic beach ball and pushed down a hill.

Take things one stage further with Aqua Sphereing: your instructors will chuck a few litres of water into the Sphere for good luck. Aqua Sphereing is a fun, safe extreme sport with plenty of thrills and spills, so it’s ideal for adrenaline junkies that have already tried scuba diving, rafting and skydiving.

We offer Aqua Sphereing experiences for pairs, but you can also brave it alone if you prefer, and some Sphereing vouchers are also suitable for older children too. You’ll love this wet and wild experience!


Q: Oh what an Aqua Sphere, I love a party with a happy Aqua Sphere...
A: I see that you are singing Russ Abbot’s novelty hit Atmosphere, but have changed the words to Aqua Sphere. Why?
Q: I am so excited about Aqua Sphere information!
A: Good, because it is a very exciting endeavour.
Q: First question, what is Aqua Sphereing?
A: It’s very much like ordinary Sphereing or Zorbing. Are you familiar with that?
A: Yes, I am a fully qualified Sphereing instructor and have been for seventeen years.
A: Oh. Then I thought you’d know...
Q: So how is it different?
A: As opposed to Sphereing, where you are strapped into the big plastic ball, you lie down in a small amount of water, about 30 litres or thereabouts. Then you bomb down a hill and hold on as you are bounced about like a pair on scanties in some sort of mad washing machine.
Q: I am sociable, will there be anyone to chat to on the way down?
A: If you select our Aqua Sphereing for two, then yes! You’ll both be inside the great big ball getting bounced about like nobody’s business.

Q: What could possibly stop me delving into this forthwith?
A: There may be some height and weight restrictions and you will be assessed on the day in regards to this (and the operator’s decision is final). You should let us know of any health issues that might affect your enjoyment, especially back and neck trouble. Just ask us or the supplier if you have any concerns.
Q: Can kiddies have a crack?
A: Yes! We usually go as low as seven or in that ballpark, though they must be accompanied by an adult and have parental consent for taking part.
Q: And I suppose I’ll be all wet, so take some spare togs?
A: Good idea. You will get drenched so a spare set of clothes would be a very good idea indeed.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The record for the fastest 100m in a Sphere is 26.59 seconds by former cricket star Andrew Flintoff who broke the record as part of BBC Sport Relief. Well he was always known as an all-round cricketer.
  • 2. One of the first Aquaspheres was seen in the Beach Boys music video, Getcha Back, in 1985. Because nothing screams ‘EXTREME’ more than mid-eighties Beach Boys.
  • 3. Charles Blane Jones designed the first Aquasphere for mainstream distribution in 1998. Possibly getting the idea from a Beach Boys video he’d seen 12 years earlier.
  • 4. The first full-scale commercial Sphereing site was established in Rotorua, New Zealand by Andrew and David Akers. Rotorua being an ancient New Zealand word for ‘having to walk up a great big hill will no shoes on’ (not really).
  • 5. Riders in a Sphere or Zorb are sometimes known as ‘Zorbonauts’. We’re not sure by who. Other Zorbonauts I assume.
  • 6. There is a velcro-covered version of a Sphere which rolls down the hill more slowly for people that simply want a more relaxed experience. Though not too relaxing if you’re standing too close while wearing corduroy trousers.
  • 7. Steven Spielberg was so impressed by the giant fibreglass boulder built for Raiders of the Lost Ark that he gave it a more prominent role and let it roll a further 50 feet. Is this why Dwayne Johnson changed his name to The Rock? Did he think he might get some cast-off boulder work?
  • 8. The first known ball pit was installed in 1976 at the Captain Kids World area at Sea World San Diego, designed by Eric McMillan, who is often considered the ‘father of soft play’. I suppose there are worse things to be ‘father’ of, though none are immediately springing to mind.