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Introduction to Flyboarding Experience

We are not ones to gush… but this is brilliant! Strap on your board and fly into the air!
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  • Blast up to 15 meters.
  • Behold the mighty power of water.
  • Tuition from experts
  • Laugh at dry land.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

This experience runs on selected dates week-round [more]
Human beings have battled with water ever since it was first discovered at the start of the last century. But you can finally put that moisture in its place with this fabulous Flyboarding adventure!
What happens on the day?

When arriving at one of the locations, known for their innate damp properties, you will meet with your qualified Flyboard instructor, fully sanctioned by the ‘Global Flyboard Legion of Heroes’ (GFLH) who meet every seven years at CERN. They will show you how to work the equipment and use the high-powered jets of water to fly you many feet towards the clouds and certain birds.

Then you will be kitted out in a wetsuit and life-jacket followed by a thorough strapping into the aqua jet boots. Using a ‘suck up/blast out’ system, devised by scientists, the water will propel you forward, backwards and skywards. As you get more experienced, you’ll soon be scooting along like nobody’s business, flying ten meters into the air and hitting speeds usually reserved for a miniature railway at a local country park or fast dog.

Leonardo DiCaprio was recently witnessed enjoying this extreme, exhilarating activity. And I know if it’s good enough for Leo, it’s good enough for you. That’s why you keep hugging the front of that big boat and dressing up like J Edgar Hoover. Described as a cross between Iron Man and Aqua Man, you need to experience it for yourself and see, if indeed, it makes you feel like ‘Man Man’. Even if you’re a lady. We are sure that it will.

Ready for something new and extreme to sink your teeth into? Enter the wonderful, watery world of Flyboarding.

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Terms & Conditions
Your extra-scooty, super-dupey voucher is valid for 10 months and is for one person. Vouchers are valid on selected dates week-round and you can’t say vaguer than that. Minimum age is 16 and maximum age is 80. 80! Imagine! You’d probably make the final segment on your local regional television news show. Maximum weight is 20 stone. Minimum height is 4ft 6inches. This experience is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with the following: dislocated shoulder/wearing a cast, heart conditions, severe back issues, under medication that will make you drowsy, like Drowsinol. This is a high impact and challenging adrenaline experience, which some people take a while to get the hang of. As such there is no guarantee given that you will be able to successfully fly out of the water during your session, but we believe in you. You are however welcome to upgrade to a longer session directly with the supplier at the point of booking if you so wish. Please note you will not be allow to take the experience if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Wetsuits are provided - however you are advised to bring your own if possible, as the ones provided may be wet from previous users. Hence the name. You are advised to bring a towel and your voucher, not the other way round. All dates are subject to availability.