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One to One Flyboarding Experience in London

Get wet and wild, strictly in that order, as you dive into this unique Flyboarding experience in London.
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  • Fly up to 10 metres into the air!
  • One-to-one expert tuition
  • Hover like a champ
  • In fashionable Docklands

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

This experience runs on selected dates week-round [more]
Here’s your chance to act like a very damp Iron Man as you scoot into the air powered by highly pressurized water. Rain, hoses, reservoirs: once water was the scourge of man. But thanks to scientists and possibly some of the people responsible for Robot Wars, we can now turn the power of moisture against itself and harness it for our own diabolical manoeuvres.

But how? And why? Two excellent and, hopefully, rhetorical questions. A trip to London’s glamorous Dockland’s region, home to an almost impossible number of Byron Burgers and Zizzi’s, will hold all the answers. For it is there that you will be well and truly introduced to Flyboarding. I know what you’re thinking, you’re not really pulling off the cummerbund. You may be right. You’re not the first to tell me.

But back to Flyboarding, which is a water-powered jet-ski related hoverboard, onto which you step and fly along, or even up, at a pace usually reserved for greyhounds or other fast dogs. You may have witnessed celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio having a crack at it. And if it’s good enough for the Wolfie of Wall Street, it’s good enough for you.
What happens on the day?

You’ll arrive at the aquatic exhilaration centre in Eastern London and be kitted out in a wetsuit while our expert Flyboard professional gives you all the safety lowdown and the basics of the enterprise. You will be given a 30 minute one-to-one tutoring session with your instructor who will show you what the Flyboard can do before it’s your turn, with a full 20 minutes of solo time on the water.

With the expert just a few nautical inches away, you’ll be strapped onto the board, which shoots jets of high powered water from nozzles at your feet and on your arms. Soon you’ll be learning to master this device and be scooting along at quite a clip. You can either use the Flyboard to speed along the surface (or within) the water like a human speedboat, or zoom up into the air, at a possible height of ten metres!

Is it possible to have as much fun on dry land? No, it is not possible. There is nothing like it, except in action-packed Hollywood movies like The Decent Adventures of Aquatic Man and Boats Ahoy! You’ll soon be beating down the door to the Flyboarding Academy demanding to Flyboard once more.

Don’t be as bored as a fly (scientifically proven to be the most bored invertebrate) hop onto a Flyboard – in London’s dazzling Docklands!

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Terms & Conditions

Your voucher is valid for 10 months and is for one person. The experience includes a full safety briefing and instruction from your instructor, a demonstration on how to use the equipment with one-to-one tuition for 30 minute and a 20 minute solo Flyboarding session in the water with guidance from you instructor.

You are free to use your voucher on selected dates all week round. Minimum age is 16 and maximum age is 70. Maximum weight is 127kg/20 stone. Minimum height is1.22m/4ft, maximum height is 1.95kg/6ft 4 inches. If you are intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs you will not be permitted to take part. You are advised not to take part in this event if you are pregnant of have any of the following: dislocated shoulder/wearing a cast, heart conditions, severe back issues, under medication that will make you drowsy.

Please note: there are very limited spaces for this location.