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Jet Ski Experience Days & Gifts

Power through the water with a jet skiing experience from Wish! Choose from a classic jet ski vehicle for your hour-long session, or give your experience a twist by choosing a jet rib or jet bike.

All of them are fast: each has its own specialities. All you have to do is choose which one to ride, then try to stay vertical as you take off across the lake, which contains water. (Cold water).

No experience is necessary: all you need to bring with you are some dry clothes and a towel, both of which you hopefully already own!


A: That is correct! Can you believe it?
Q: Possibly, what are we dealing with here?
A: We are dealing with a number of amazing, nippy aquatic conveyances that travel on the water at heart-thumping speeds. A bit like a motorbike, but that goes on a lake.
Q: Lake Bike! Like the prog rock band from Dundee?
A: No, more like a water scooter.
Q: So if I book one right up, what am I going to be getting?
A: Depends on the experience. You’ll usually have the choice of manoeuvring a Jet Bike, Jet Rib or Jet Ski. The Jet Bikes and Ribs get sat upon, so are a bit easier to handle. With the Jet Ski you’re standing up so balance plays its part. Our experts will be on hand to guide you all the way.
Q: Should I run up some kind of special Jet Skiing outfit?
A: No need. You are advised to bring swimwear, a towel, a pair of old trainers, a dry change of clothes and your own wetsuit if you have one. Buoyancy aids will be provided and all specialist clothing and equipment will be supplied on the day.
Q: That sounds peachy. How long will I be Biking, Ribbing or Skiing for?
A: Again, sort of depends what you go with experience wise, but usually the experience lasts for an hour with 30 minutes or so in the actual water. 

Q: And where is this water? And don’t say within us all, I’ve been tricked like that before.
A: I wasn’t going to. We have a couple of formidable Jet Ski locales, namely in Berkshire and Lincolnshire.
Q: What if this is my first time being near any body of water?
A: Then Jet Skiing may not be for you? We usually recommend that people have a certain level of confidence in the water, as you will be scooting across it and probably falling off.
Q: And are there any restrictions for people like me?
A: You need to be either over 16 or 18, depending on where you decide to Jet Ski. If you have any ailments or health conditions that you think might stop you Jet Skiing like a demon, then let us know. Any worries or concerns, just contact us or the supplier of the experience.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Clayton Jacobson II, is considered the inventor of the modern Jet Ski, creating a prototype in 1965. Clayton Jacobson I must have been very proud.
  • 2. Propeller driven Water Scooters - as they were originally termed - were first developed in Europe in the mid-1950s. Handy for delivering pizzas to people on houseboats.
  • 3. The Aqua scooter was invented and successfully used in 1967 by East German Chemical Engineer Bernd Boettger in attempt to escape the country by water. I hope he won ‘Most Stylish Escape Attempt’ at that year’s ‘Escapee Awards’.
  • 4. The first appearance of the Wetbike, a cross between a motorcycle and a jet ski was in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. It’s rumoured that they considered changing the film’s title to The Spy Who Loved Wetbikes, but then decided that was silly.
  • 5. In the classic Police Academy 3: Back in Training, a group of Wetbikes and Kawasaki JS550 stand up Jet Skis are used by the police to chase down thieves in speedboats. Hilariously, obviously.
  • 6. In the 1989 film Red Surf, George Clooney chases drug dealing surfers on a Wetbike. So why didn’t they call it ‘George Clooney on a Wetbike’? It would have done much better business.
  • 7. The Sea-Doo brand of Jet Ski is developed from the Ski-Doo snowmobile. The original name was Ski-Dog, but a spelling error at the patent office caused the name to lose the ‘g’ and gain an ‘o’. And they are lucky they didn’t then lose a ‘d’ and gain a ‘p’.
  • 8. It is estimated that in 2010, there were approximately 1.3 million Personal Watercraft devices in use in the U.S. And yet the TV show I pitched for the Jet Ski riding cop/private investigator called ‘Jetskiski!’ was rejected. It simply makes no sense.