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White Water Rafting Experience Days

If getting wet and cold in Denbeighshire, Northamptonshire or Perthshire sounds like an ideal day out, pick up a voucher for a white water rafting day and push your body to the limit.

Climb into a hum-dinger of a dinghy with a team of similarly excitable and slightly foolish thrill-seekers, then career down some kind of crazy river in nothing but a wetsuit, a few buoyancy pads and a crash helmet.

White water rafting is a classic watersport which is sure to satisfy your desire for excitement. Don’t forget that UK delivery is free on everything at Wish!


Q: Der-der-ding-der-ding-der-ding-der-der...
A: If that was supposed to be the theme from Deliverance, that was terrible.
Q: Sorry.
A: And the white water rafting community don’t appreciate that kind of thing.
Q: OK, let’s start again. What is a white water rafting?
A: That is better. It is travelling speedily and attempting to manoeuvre through a particularly turbulent stretch of water featuring eddies, whirlpools and boils. In fact, the water is so turbulent, it actually goes a bit white.
Q: Yoinks! So do they just throw me in and laugh at me?
A: No? Who? You’ll be in an inflatable raft with a number of other intrepid thrill-seekers. Manned with your oar you’ll attempt to tame this crazed watery foe and navigate the course successfully.
Q: What if I hate rafts?
A: You can also do it in a tube!
Q: A tube? How can this be?
A: It’s a large inflatable rubber tube that you place yourself in and then attempt to handle this self same watery beast. But it will be hard to handle, just as The Black Crowes sang. 

Q: What protects me and keeps me safe?
A: Expert guidance from our white water rafting expert people. And you’ll be provided with also a sleeveless wetsuit, a windproof jacket, helmet and buoyancy aid or lifejacket.
Q: What should I bring along?
A: A spare pair of trainers or wetsuit boots, some form of thermal top (sweatshirt or thermals, that kind of thing), a towel, a spare set of clothing, swimsuit, shorts or trunks for hygiene reasons that can be worn under a wetsuit.
Q: And if I have a dry child at home?
A: Then my deepest condolences. But also, yes! We do have a Junior White Water Tubing experience for 8 to 17 year olds. Though they must be must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The most widely used grading system is the International Scale of River Difficulty, where white water is classed in six categories from class I (the easiest and safest) to class VI (the most difficult and most dangerous). It’s also the system I use to grade the fizziness of bottled water.
  • 2. In 1842, the first possible white water rafting expedition was recorded when Lieutenant John Fremont of the U.S. Army travelled down the Platte River. But he wasn’t doing it for fun; it involved army stuff.
  • 3. With names like Grim Reaper, Bloody Mary and Termination, the Lochsa River in Idaho runs 70 miles and is considered one of the most extreme white water passages in the world. They might do more business with names like Bunnykins, Softly Pumpington and Mild Gauze.
  • 4. The discovery of the process to vulcanize rubber was made by Charles Goodyear in 1838. It’s alleged that he tried vulcanizing loads of things, but rubber was the only one that really stuck.
  • 5. In 1839 the Duke of Wellington tested the first inflatable pontoons. Why don’t we see more of our modern day Duke’s testing things? Bunch of lazy Dukes, that’s what we’ve got these days.
  • 6. Kayaks are believed to be at least 4,000 years old, developed by Eskimos who constructed them from stitched seal skins stretched over a wood or whalebone-skeleton frame. Originally they just used them to keep their oars in, until they realised they were buoyant.
  • 7. In white water rafting thriller The River Wild, Meryl Streep did her own stunts and nearly drowned when she was swept from her raft and into the river. Well. The river was wild, there is a clue in the title there Meryl.
  • 8. The largest raft of canoes and kayaks consisted of 1,902 vessels gathering together in Inlet, New York, USA in 2011. A raft of canoes? That’s confusing. What’s a gathering of rafts called? A dinghy?
  • 9. The Reel Paddling Film Festival showcases the world's best paddling films to audiences in Canada, United States and around the world. Finally, all my favourite paddling films all together in one place. That will save so much time.