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Zombie Experience Days

Zombie Experiences: Everything you need to know

Thanks to video gaming technology, there is an entire generation whose happiest childhood memories revolve around the wholesale execution of hordes of shuffling, groaning, bitetastic Undead.

We at Wish like to make even the goriest dreams come true, and with our mega-popular Zombie Experiences, guilt-free slaughter has never felt so good.

At secret locations in London, Droitwich, Reading and Warrington, you will be trained within an inch of your life (in about 30 minutes) to use an array of high-tech weaponry before being unleashed to face the Zombie Apocalypse! Save yourself from the certain humiliation of your friends claiming more kills than you…

On the menu


Q: Zombies? You go have zombies?
A: I trust you are being sarcastic.
Q: I am, because you always go on about your zombies all the time.
A: That’s because they are awesome! And we now have more zombie and horror experiences than ever.
Q: Reel off examples, lickity-split...
A: We have the classics such as Zombie Boot Camp, Zombie Shopping Mall and Zombie Manor House and then young pretenders like Zombie Blitz 1940, The Asylum and Zombie Battle London.
Q: Are they all happening at the same place all at once?
A: No, they are happening at a variety of places at selected times. Quite a few in Droitwich, the Mall is in Reading and the London ones in London. Take a look at the individual experience to see where to go and when it is.
Q: My agent says I can pass for 31, but in reality I’m 55, is that a problem?
A: Minimum age for zombie events depends on the one you attend. Our Zombie Battle experience is suitable for those of 12 years and over. Other zombie experiences are suitable for those of 16 and over. We have recently raised this age limit on these because the training is quite physical and the zombies tend to hone in on younger, tenderer flesh. These zombie days are more suited to grown-ups, or people who call themselves grown-ups, even though they run around chasing zombies.
Q: I’m into shooters, that’s cool yeah?
A: That’s fine, but keep your fully legal and sanctioned gun safely stowed in your gun shed. All the guns and ammo you need will be provided on the day. It’s all good quality kit and will ensure a realistic and fun experience.
Q: Despite what our local newsletter says, I have many friends and I’m very popular. Can I book for a group?
A: We would be delighted to accommodate that! Just buy the correct number of vouchers and call to make your booking. If you prefer to check dates beforehand, give our team a ring and they will assist you before you pay. That way you can ensure your chosen date is definitely available. Note that groups smaller than the maximum group size are likely to be mixed with others. If your group consists of the maximum number of people, the organisers may be able to set up a session especially for you on your chosen date.
Q: So what happens, paint me a mental picture (as in a picture for my mind, not a picture that is mental, like with flying octopuses and stuff)?
A: It sort of depends on what you do, but normally a session runs with anything from 15 to 36 people. You will work in teams of two, four, eight or twelve people depending on the activity you’re doing. With most zombie battle adventures, everyone will be trained in combat techniques by military personnel before heading off. So you will need a moderate level of fitness as you’ll be running around and chucking things at each other for a few hours.
Q: I bruise easily. I have my mother’s skin. Will we get hurt?
A: Possibly. There is an element of playful violence involved in all the zombie experiences. They’re definitely not for the faint-hearted. The zombies may get a bit physical, hold you down or destroy items around you. There is no fighting or actual violence, but you may come away with the odd bruise.
Q: Can I just turn up and start shooting things?
A: Not quite. Please book ahead. Many of our zombie experiences are very popular and sell out fast, so if you see it advertised, don’t dilly-dally.
Q: Oh yeah, is it any good?
A: We have had global media coverage for our zombie experiences and non-stop satisfied customers. Take a look through the reviews and comments on the site or look at the press coverage on our blog. People can’t get enough of our Zombs!

Fun Facts

  • 1. There are two main zombie theories. That they are a cursed person who dies and comes back to life or a sick person who contracts a virus or is bitten by another zombie. Either way, you don’t want one handling the dips at your next party or soiree.
  • 2. Legendary zombie filmmaker George A. Romero’s first job was filming a tonsillectomy for classic kids’ show Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood, which he said inspired him to pursue a career in horror films. And probably inspired a generation of kids to never want to get their tonsils out.
  • 3. In some situations, people use the abbreviation RLF rather than zombie, which stands for ‘reanimated life form’. And also for Richard Littlejohn’s Funshack, a short-lived Saturday night variety show that exists only in my mind.
  • 4. In the Middle Eastern tale the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ from 5,000 years ago, an angry goddess threatens to bring back the dead to eat the living. And then what happens? You’ll end up with a lot of bored fat dead people. I don’t think she’s thought this through.
  • 5. The ‘Winchester Tavern’ from Shaun of the Dead was actually the Duke of Albany pub in New Cross, South London, which was later converted into luxury flats. Do you think the people who live there now ever mention it? Only about 17 times a day, I reckon.
  • 6. Heavy rock band White Zombie took their name from a film of the same name, released in 1932, which is considered the first full-length zombie horror film. They are led by singer Rob Zombie, or to give you his proper name, Robert Zombie.
  • 7. In order for Michael Jackson’s iconic video Thriller to be considered for an Academy Award, it was screened in theatres along with the reissued Disney film Fantasia. Surely Snow White and the Seven Zombies would have been more apt. If it existed.
  • 8. In hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead, the leading character Rick Grimes is from the fictitious King County, which is named after horror legend Stephen King. And I bet he’s writing a really huge book about that fact as we speak.
  • 9. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was the first novel to approach the idea of human reanimation from a non-superstitious point of view, though experts still argue about whether the monster was a true ‘zombie’. Not sure what they are experts of. Monster Studies at the University of Gwent?
  • 10. In ancient Scandinavian fables, zombies are known as ‘draugr’. According to legend, they were fierce warriors who were not content to lie in their graves and so attacked the living. Expect a bleak fourteen-part dramatisation of this fact to appear on BBC Four in the New Year.

Compare the experiences

Zombie Bootcamp Zombie Bootcamp After Dark Zombie Battle London Zombie Manor House Zombie School for 2 Zombie Riot
Location Droitwich, Worcestershire Droitwich, Worcestershire Greenwich, London Warrington, Greater Manchester Droitwich, Worcestershire Droitwich, Worcestershire
Duration 4 hours 4 hours 3.5 hours 3 hours 2 - 3 hours 5+ hours
Venue Type Outdoor compound Outdoor compound in the dark Decommissioned nuclear bunker Derelict Manor House Outdoor compound Outdoor compound
When? Saturdays & Sundays Thursday - Saturday nights 3rd Sunday of every month Every other weekend on Saturdays & Sundays Weekends 1 Sunday per month
Plot 2 missions. You’ll work as a squad to clear a mock Government Research Facility. Then you’ll descend into a warehouse full of live zombies. You’ll battle through the cold and the dark as you come face-to-face with your nightmares and take on the living dead using a variety of weapons and the training you’ll receive from ex-military instructors! Fight back from your base in a zombie research facility. You will come face to face with the horrors of the living dead apocalypse and it will take all your cunning, guile and running about to defeat them and save mankind. Zombies have taken over a manor house in Greater Manchester. Clear the 65 acre site in a 3-hour search and rescue. Training session first You’ll be kitted out and made up to resemble an infected monster by specialist zombie coaches, who will teach you everything you need to know to join the ranks of the undead. You’ll discover the noise and excitement of a riot from both sides as you become both a Zombie and Riot Cop and take part in the ultimate battle between good and evil.
Price £99 per person £99 per person £115 per person £119 per person (save £24 when you buy 2) £59 per person when you buy 2 £79 per person

Zombies: the stats

Overall, our Zombies are rated 4.9 / 5 based on 26 reviews from happy Wish customers.