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Experience Days Affiliate Program

Are you an interweb high roller bringing home the e-bacon? Join our affiliate program and earn 10% of every sale you send

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Why Promote

Our aim is simple: to make shopping with us as much fun as the experiences we sell.

We sell experience days. We're best known for zombie experiences, like Zombie Shopping Mall, Zombie Boot Camp and Zombie Manor House. We also sell the usual driving and flying experiences, spa days and just about anything else you'd expect to find on a site like ours like days out, gift ideas and our exotic "adrenaline" category.

We do everything we can to make our customers smile. That means VIP customer service (including live chat and out of hours customers service), guaranteed low prices and free delivery on every order.

Where Have I Heard Of You Guys...?

Since launching in 2011, we've received press coverage from the BBC, CNN, Fox News,The Sun and dozens more newspapers, TV channels, radio stations and websites in 47 countries (see what the papers says).

Over 150,000 users have "Liked" Zombie Shopping Mall on FaceBook, while Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg and Lady Sovereign have shared with many millions of followers.

Learn more about our company and what our customers say about us over at eKomi.

Why's Affiliate Program?

  • Run by affiliates
  • Great conversion rates
  • PPC affiliates welcome
  • "Earnings Match" guarantee
  • Reliable tracking & payments

#1. By Affiliates, For Affiliates's co-founder Richard Kershaw has earned a living as an affiliate for over a decade, running major affiliate site (Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube)

#2. Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

Everybody claims to be the 'top converting' merchant in a sector. Our advice? Trust nobody and test for yourself. co-founder Stephen Pavlovich is one of the world's leading experts in conversion rate optimization, the art and science of turning website browsers into buyers. That means that beats many of our competitors hands down when it comes to turning your traffic into sales.

Learn more about the techniques Stephen uses for over at SEOMoz.

#3. We Love PPC Affiliates

How many solid affiliate programs allow direct-to-merchant PPC traffic in 2012? Not only does allow PPC traffic, but we will do everything we can to help PPC affiliates send more traffic.

That means...

  • No landing pages needed - send your traffic straight to our site.
  • Conversion tracking pixels available - see what ROI you get for PPC spend at a glance.
  • Google friendly site designed to avoid 'Quality Score' headaches

We welcome PPC traffic from Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, FaceBook ads and MySpace ads

(Important: We do not allow traffic from PPV networks, adware or toolbars.)

#4. "Earnings Match" Guarantee

Moving your traffic to us from a competitor? We understand there's an opportunity cost to testing new merchants. We guarantee to match your earnings - or send you a bottle of champagne for your time and effort if we fail.

(Please contact us to discuss before sending traffic.)

#5. Rock-Steady Tracking & Payments

Our program runs on Affiliate Window, the UK's leading affiliate network. Affiliate Window pay every other week by wire transfer.

Apply Now

Signup for the affiliate program over at Affiliate Window and then drop us an email to get approved pronto.

Apply Now at Affiliate Window!


Q: What is the commission structure?

We pay 10% commission on all confirmed sales (ie, after fraud & refunds have been deducted) including VAT but excluding delivery charges (we only charge for "next day" delivery). Sales are usually confirmed around two weeks after transactions.

Our average order value is between £100-200 per sale, depending on the products you promote.

We have a month long cookie period and multiple conversions tracked. IFyou refer a customer who places three Christmas orders during December, you'd get paid for every sale.

Our average order value is £180-200.

Q: I'm a PPC affiliate & want to bid on your brand/your competitors brands...

Please don't. We will reluctantly void all sales for the period in question. No exceptions, no excuses.

This includes these brands & any permutations thereof (including their domain names, typos, misspells etc):, Wish, Wish UK, Activity Superstore, Asda, Asda Gifts, Asda Gift Experiences,, Asda hotel breaks, Fortnum and Mason, Champneys, Thorntons, Orient Express, Rockingham, Donington Park, Three Sisters, Elemis, Experience Mad, Zorbing, Nothern Belle, Activity Superstore, Days to amaze, Days2amaze, Exelement,, Findmeagift, Go Ape, Oxfam, Orbing, Red Letter Days, Red Letter Day, Red Letter, Red Letters, Redletterday, Redletterdays, Redlettersday, Red Day, Red Days, Redday, Reddays, Day Red, Days Red, Daysred, Reddays, Ragdale Hall, London Pass, Wembley Stadium, Virgin Experience Days Virgin Balloon Flights, Getting Personal, Tell all your Friends, Treatme,, Driveme,, L'atelier de Chefs, Atelier de Chefs, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Alton Towers, Legoland, Chessington, Thorpe Park, Madame Tussauds and London Eye, British Pullman.

Be sure to add them as negative phrase match and exact match keywords before you start sending traffic.

Q: Do you issue discount coupons or voucher codes?

We don't, and as such do not presently work with voucher code affiliates.

Q: Which affiliate network are you on?

We're on Affiliate Window.

Q: Why were my sales declined?

Usually it's refunds (customers have seven days to get a refund). If you think you're seeing a high refund rate, please drop us a line to get to the bottom of it.

Q: What traffic sources are OK?

These traffic sources are OK:

  • Organic search/SEO
  • PPC, including Google AdWords, adCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing
  • FaceBook Ads/MySpace ads
  • SMO, like FaceBook groups
  • Email marketing (provided it's opt-in & not using rented lists)

These traffic sources are definitely not OK:

  • Pay Per View
  • Adware/Spyware
  • Email spam
  • Forum spam
  • Rented/brokered email lists

For anything else - including any software/downloadables - please drop us a line to discuss.

Q: How are your existing affiliates sending traffic?

Here's how a few of our affiliates are sending traffic...

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