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Want to encounter bloodthirsty alien miscreants without fear of a vicious, invasive probing? Excellent - as we have a thrilling, interactive Alien Experience ready for you!
Alien ExperienceAlien Experience

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  • Alien Experience
  • Alien Experience
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  • Highly immersive alien experience!
  • Authentic, state of the art equipment
  • Over 16's only
  • Limited availability

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You choose your dates after you've ordered your ticket, when you'll receive your voucher by email or post. This experience is available on selected Friday & Saturday evenings.

Space. It’s so hot right now.

Everywhere you turn there is some kind of alien freakazoid either trying to eat or befriend some Hollywood A-lister in front of a green screen.

And if you’re anything like me, and I pray that you aren’t, you’ve thought to yourself, ‘hey I could tackle a bevy of slathering, homicidal alien nasties during some intergalactic rescue scenario without recourse to special effects or the directing prowess of Christopher Nolan’. Now here’s your chance!

What happens on the day?

We’ve devised and constructed the most most thrilling, frightening, heart-racing, gravity-defying alien encounter where you need to step up to the plate and be a hero.

And not just any hero. A space hero. After being donned with (space) safety equipment including (space) knee pads, you will be briefed on your mission.

Turns out you are part of the crew on a resupply vessel drifting through space. So far so good. But wait! Turns out some local alien ram-raiders have got their green, deformed eyes on the supplies that you’re transporting and are now attacking your ship! You need to defend your craft, protect your crew-mates and get those extra (nasty) terrestrials back into the empty void of space where they belong!

Your mock supply vessel is 24,000 square feet of hidden horrors and strange developments with every compartment containing its own unique set of problems to overcome and brimming with lurking astro-beasties. Expect ghastly dark corridors, unnerving effects lighting, unsettling confined spaces and loads of smoke to add to your worries. And in every crevice lurks some alien monster just waiting to leap out and compromise your position.

You’ll need to work as a team to outwit the creatures, but it will be down to you, as a heroic individual full of verve and pith, to rescue the fallen and crush this diabolical invading force. There will be a range of weapons on hand to help in your endeavours plus some tips on hand to tentacle combat. It will be loud, it will be fast, it will be gruesome. And until the actual alien invasion occurs (according to my sources on April 9th, 2019) it’s the closest you’re going to get to actual intergalactic heroics.

Release your inner Han Solo/Ripley/Buzz Lightyear and combat intergalactic yobs on a simulated spaceship scenario with this thoroughly thrilling Alien Experience for one!

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Terms & Conditions

Includes a full safety and weapons briefing

This voucher is valid for 10 months for one person

This experience is available year round. Experiences mainly run on Friday and Saturday nights though there may be some extra dates. Please enquire when booking.

All dates are subject to availability

Minimum age is 16 years

You will be asked to sign a safety waiver upon arrival

We recommend you wear trousers, long sleeved tops and comfortable, durable footwear. If you do not have a closed toe shoe you can hire military style boots at the venue for £2

This experience is a fast-paced activity and requires a reasonable level of fitness

Refreshments are available on-site at an extra cost