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Zombie Battle London

Imagine Ray Winstone as a Zombie, wearing a Pearly King outfit and Lambeth Walking towards you. Horrifying isn’t it?

Well, that just two-fifths as frightening as our Zombie Battle London actually is. The Cockney dead have risen form their graves and want your brains to go with their jellied eels. You and you comrades must hunt them, find them and dispatch them.

It’s thrilling, mind-bending and unforgettable – get on board the zombie bus and bash these blighters with your pals.


Zombie Boot Camp

Let’s face it, the zombie apocalypse is fast approaching. Practically every media outlet has confirmed it.

Are you ready to battle the undead masses when they start ringing on your doorbell and eating your fleshy parts? Probably not, so hightail it to Zombie Boot Camp where expert walking cadaver eradicators will train you in finding and destroying these pesky monsters.

Then you’ll head out on our specially designed compound in a battle royale with real (not)live zombies! It’s an experience like no other. Vanquish the zombie menace before it’s too late.


Faulty Towers Dining Experience for 2

Enjoy dinner for 2 people in a simulated Faulty Towers environment!

Faulty Towers will transport you back to the halcyon days of mocking Spanish waiters while making passing references to Harold Wilson. In a simulated dining experience with all the classic characters, you will enjoy a 3 course meal for 2 in a top London hotel.

You will be immersed in the show as you dine whilst the award winning impersonators bring mayhem and laughs to the table.

Zombie Manor House

What could be scarier than a load of zombies descending on you in an attempt to feast on your flesh? What about if they are domiciled in a creepy old Manor House?

Yes, the last vestiges of proper Englishness have been stricken from this glorious old mansion and zombies have infested like woodworm or lice. And it is up to you to flush out these vermin from beyond the grave and destroy them with complete prejudice.

Really, it’s them or you as you travel room to room and try to seek out these creatures of the night and dispatch them before they escape the main house and infect the servants quarters! And nobody wants that.



Perhaps the most sinister and precise of all the groovie ghoulies, werewolves are vicious, feral and virtually indestructible.

But don’t let that put you off. You’re the last hope for humanity as you seek out and destroy these lupine lunatics. They combine the viciousness of the common wolf with the smarts and wiles of a human man. So you’ll need all your cunning to find them and administer that fatal silver bullet.

Shooting skills, strategy and pure guile will be needed tom defeat these hairy beasts from hell.


Zombie Shopping Mall

Fight zombies in an abandoned shopping mall!

We've prepared a bespoke, abandoned shopping centre in Reading, sprinkled to the gills with maniacal ZOMBIES lusting for your tender brains..

IIn this spectacular ‘full immersion’ experience, you’ll be briefed and armed by the Police Special Zombie Bashing Unit. They’ll fill you in on the full, unfolding, undead apocalypse that is going down in Reading town. An apocalypse that, for once, you didn’t cause, but will have to try and fix.


Zombie Blitz 1940

‘Knees up Mother Brown, knees up Mother… Oh no, something has gone horribly wrong!’

The chirpiness of Cockneys is thoroughly put to the test in this unique, interactive horror adventure. Deep beneath the tunnels under Waterloo Station, the war is still raging. The big one. The Second World one.

A hideous experiment involving the bodies of dead enemy combatants has got completely out of hand and soon the tunnels are swarming with undead soldiers who are fairly ticked off about the whole enterprise. Unfortunately you’re in the tunnels too and have to try and escape their fleshy clutches. An amazing mix of drama, thrills and pure, undiluted terror.


Segway Rally For Two

Don’t just stand there, do something! Or, with this thrilling distraction, you can stand there AND do something.

For the uninitiated, a Segway is a remarkable transportation system akin to an upright scooter. Using all the balancing skills that your harsh circus upbringing bestowed upon you, the Segway is mounted then driven while standing. You will not believe how maneuverable these plucky little devices can be.

And you will need those undulations as you and a companion hit the rally course, competing against each other as the Segway tackles ruts, troughs and passages of track, slicing through them like a hot knife through I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Soon you will be fully worshiping at the altar of Segway.

Fun, fun, fun! There will be fun! And grudges that may last a lifetime, as you skirmish thoroughly with a pal on Segways.


Theatre and Dinner For Two

Wow! Is that the man from Holby? Standing next to the lady from the drain advert? It surely is! How can it be?

It be because you’re are in London town’s glittering West End watching a real life, top-notch play. It’s like television come to life or a more expensive film. Except it’s not expensive with this special offer! Plus you get dinner for both of you. No more sitting as your other half stuffs their face while brandishing a plate-protecting fork. Dinner and theatre for two! Save that marriage now!


Indoor Skydiving Experience (Extended)

Perhaps you like the idea of hurling yourself out of a plane next to someone you love – but haven’t quite got the gumption to go the whole hog.

This indoor skydiving experience is a great place to start and a fun activity to share with a friend. Using wind tunnel technology, you’ll be blasted into the air and experience ‘flying’ as the currents cause the two of you to float.

It’s exhilarating and you don’t have to leave the ground. And who knows, if you get a taste for it, the next step might be aerial skydiving!


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