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Bird of Prey Experience Day

Fans of birds and big heavy gloves will love this Bird of Prey Experience day
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11 Locations
  • Enjoy majestic birds of prey at close quarters.
  • Handle several different birds for a full day.
  • Learn how to fly the birds to the fist.
  • Take home souvenir photos of your day.

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You love birds but have never managed to get close enough to see how one works. But with this whole day with birds of prey, their mysteries will be revealed.

Orville, Big Bird, Ed the Duck. Emu. The bird world has not been best served by those of its breed that have found fame. No wonder they all look so grumpy all the time. Plus the worm eating thing. That can’t be much cop.

But if there’s one type of bird that deserves celebrity and recognition it’s the noble bird of prey. With their ability to swoop, hover and kill things, they are the bees knees in bird terms. Except they probably eat bees. And their knees.

The problem with birds of prey. They are always so far away. Hovering on the horizon or drifting silently on a motorway verge. When you start running towards then screaming and waving your arms, they fly away. And you get a little sad and have to sit in the car for a bit.

But now you can get up close and personal (not in an intimate sense) with these magnificent flying animal machines. At a variety of locations around the UK, you’ll have the opportunity to learn everything about birds of prey. Star signs, turn ons and turn offs, favourite Steven Segal film, that kind of thing.

And then, under the beady eye of the instructor, you’ll get to take charge of a particular bird of prey who will fly to your fist, probably as you hold a bit of meat. Yes, you can recreate you favourite scenes from 70s cult British drama Kes. Such as adopting a northern accent and having a brother who is a bit of a prat.

Bird it up big time with a whole day at a great UK bird of prey centre.
What happens on the day?
Your day at the bird place starts with an informative tour of the centre where you will meet the trainers and see the birds of prey close up. Not that close, that’s too close. There you go. Then you will learn all about their different characteristics, speed capabilities and dirty hunting habits. This full day experience offers you plenty of opportunity to fly some of them to the fist and ample time to take photographs and audio recordings of this truly unforgettable experience. All equipment will be provided for your experience, but it is advisable to bring a pair of wellington boots with you and wear suitable outdoor clothing for the time of year. Perhaps a jaunty cap? As a guide your experience will last for 6 to 7 hours.....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. The number of other participants on the day will vary depending on the venue. The minimum age for this experience may differ venue to venue but will range between 10 and 16 years of age. Please bear in mind that the species of bird you see will depend on the time of year that you visit. Lunch is included with this experience at the Cheshire, Kent, North Yorkshire, Perthshire and West Sussex venues. At the Fife venue, the supplier will contribute £10 to your lunch at the local bistro. The venue in Perthshire does not include a tour of the Centre you will instead be met by the falconer at a rendevous point and then taken to see the Birds in their natural surroundings. The venue in Kent does not currently operate guided tours but you are welcome to wander round the centre to see the birds of prey on display. The Cornwall venue provides lunch for the client but no spectators are allowed. Please note, dogs are not permitted on site at some locations.