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Birds of Prey Experience in Cheshire

A fantastic half-day experience that gives you the chance to handle and fly this country’s finest birds of prey.
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  • Experience bird handling in Cheshire.
  • Tour the falconry centre with an expert guide.
  • Enjoy three hours with the majestic birds.
  • Take home souvenir photos of the day.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

This voucher gives you (or the lucky recipient) three hours of full-on bird action. You’ll get to handle and fly several different types of birds of prey, as well as learn loads of interesting facts about these spectacular creatures.

Your experience will begin with a tour of the centre. One of our devoted instructors will share their expertise as they show off the birds in residence. You’ll learn fascinating facts about the incredible hunting skill and speed feats of these birds and you’re welcome to ask as many questions as you want.

After you’ve had a chance to admire the birds in their enclosures, it’s time to learn what happens when they’re let loose. You’ll be taught the basics of flying and handling and, before you know it, it’ll be time to don the special glove and try it for yourself.

A bird of prey in hunt mode is a fantastic sight and you’ll be watching from a very advantageous spot. Because birds tend to ignore fences, you and your instructor will head out into the nearby countryside to give the birds the space they need to show off their airborne skills. The type of birds you fly depends on the time of year, but this centre has the largest collection of raptors in the North West so you won’t be disappointed!
What happens on the day?
You’ll start your experience with a tour of the centre where you’ll get to see the birds up close and ask as many questions as you want about their different characteristics and skills. After that, it’s time for a quick but thorough lesson in the art of falconry. Before you know it, you’ll be heading out into the countryside where you’ll have the chance to fly several different birds, with help from your instructor if you need it. At the end of the experience, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to pose with the birds and have your photo taken. You can expect to be at the centre for approximately three hours. ....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months. Please wear outdoor clothing and wellies - everything else will be provided for you when you arrive. Please bear in mind that the species of bird you see will depend on the time of year that you visit.