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Zombie Shopping Mall on the BBC

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If there is one thing we love, it’s local BBC news reports using innovative ways to display information and statistics. Here at we are proud that our Zombie Shopping Mall contributed to this fine tradition by having living cadavers holding up relevant facts scrawled onto torn bits of cardboard. Don’t believe us or convinced that the fabulous, much heralded, much imitated but never better experience at a disused shopping centre in Reading is real, then check out this glorious news report.

Nice Day for a (Zombie) Wedding

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Til death do you part! In what we consider the most romantic gesture since Romeo and Juliet (the Leo/Danes version, obvs), professional love puppy Richard Walker plighted his troth to the future Mrs Walker during the Zombie Shopping Mall experience. Rumour has it that the plucky couple got separated from their outfit and were under attack from a phalanx of the vile members of the walking dead. With things looking bad and a painful, munching death almost inevitable Richard blurted out ‘If we survive this, will you marry me?’ His pre-Bride agreed and suggested they work out the seating arrangements later and run away from the face-chewers as quickly as possible. Ahhh! Or should we say: aaarrrggggggghhhhhhh! Above you can see the happy couple once they had survived the thrilling adventure and made the ring exchange completely official proving, as if we didn’t know, that love conquers anything. Even a monster attack. Even the zombies look happy and our zombies are never happy. Congrats to the both of them and if you have a zombie themed wedding, make sure we get an invite.

“Top Gun”: How To Join The Best of the Best

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Maverick and Cougar. Flying a Tomkat with your wingman. ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’. Yes, you love Top Gun. The jet fighters, the hair, the teeth, the tight, tight buns. But that wondrous film was just a work of fiction, right? Like Bagpuss or all those Michael Moore things? There’s no way little old you could strap yourself into a high-performance aircraft and fly erratically, irresponsibly and with masculine flair? You big silly. You too can easily take to the skies with a Harold Faltermeyer soundtrack blasting painfully in your ears. Just sign yourself up to the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program. The real life Top Gun programme designed to turn into a real Tom Cruise without… [REDACTED BY OUR LAWYERS]. #1. Choose a Call Sign Obviously, before you do anything, ANYTHING, you need a snappy nickname that perfectly expresses your action personality. Some of the good ones have been taken, like Iceman, Maverick, Goose and Cougar. But there are options. If you are not as fast as some, how about Sloth? Or if you are overtly hairy, you could be Chimp. If you are French, then Frenchie could work for you. Or Croissant Charlie. Or…