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Oh dear! You’re aboard a commercial aircraft, when suddenly the pilot has a heart attack, the devastated co-pilot (who was secretly in love with the pilot) leaps from the craft and everyone but you is Amish. What to do? It looks as if you’re going to be called upon fly the plane. Whoopsie! There are a variety of manoeuvres you can employ  save your skin, once the screaming, bawling and bathroom evacuation have ceased. And our pal John Hartill spilled the beans on exactly what to do in Wired magazine. To find out how to manipulate the column, the trim and the brakes read Mr Hartill’s tips RIGHT HERE. And book a plethora of magnificent flying experiences OVER HERE. Turns One!

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Hurrah, they said it couldn’t be done, but we survived out first year! Take that naysayers! As fully fledged one year-olds we now plan to spend our time using the big boy potty, toddling into painful table edges and really getting into competitive baby fighting. There will be loads of great new experiences and other amazing stuff to look out for in the coming months so stare obsessively at our WEBSITE. Never alter your gaze, simply keep staring at the screen. To celebrate this incredible achievement, the team went off for a relaxing spot of SWAT Training. The results were mixed, as you can witness here: So hurrah and congratulations to us!

Zombie Auditions: The Best of YouTube

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It seems an extraordinary amount of people have the desire to slather themselves with make-up, distribute gore liberally over their personages and wander around a manor house scaring the essential essences out of members of the general public. The response to our Zombie auditions announcement can be described in one or possibly two words: overwhelming. (Ah, looks like it’s one). Tons of you shuffled down to the Pineapple Studios in London to try out, stunning the citizens of Soho who were not used to seeing people dressed in an unusual way. But those who were trapped in the outer reaches of the UK and couldn’t attend sent us videos instead. Here’s a smattering of the best ones from our YouTube channel… YouTube Audition #1: Stella Gaynor Stella went the well known ‘bunny shaker’ route… YouTube Audition #2: Sophie Mitchell We liked Sophie’s use of a hedge… YouTube Audition #3: Zombie of the Manor ‘Zombie of the Manor’ certainly has the right name to become a Manor Zombie… YouTube Audition #4: Sarah Van Dyke All we can think is ‘what’s in the box?’ YouTube Audition #5: Chris Eaten We call this one the ‘confused butcher’ YouTube Audition #6: Ian Stewart Ahhh,…

Zombie Auditions: The Movie!

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It was spooky, kooky and altogether AWESOME! On 28 June, we held zombie auditions at Pineapple Studios in London’s glittering West End. We put out the call and you released a groan. In your hundreds, thanks to a little help from some bloke on Twitter called Stephen Fry who happened to mention it… Want to work as a zombie? Audition this Thursday at Pineapple Studios: — Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) June 26, 2012 Add in the sterling work of our pals at, and we had a unhealthy amount of the undead vying to become the latest additions to our Zombie Manor House experience. Zombie Auditions: The Movie Here’s what happened on the day… (The video’s also available on YouTube, if that’s your thing) Prospective ghouls, caked in what only can be described as gory stuff, came from as far as Hull in an attempt to catch the judges’ eye with their diseased goings-on. And we were stunned by the attention to detail and unattractive smotherings that these dedicated fans of the non-living came up with. We were completely overwhelmed by the excellence and enthusiasm of everyone that took part, especially when 50 or so of the stinking, rotting beasts…

Chris Moyles on Zombie Auditions

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Did you hear Mr Moyles and his crazy gang of miscreants as they turned their collected razor sharp wit onto our Zombie Auditions during the Radio 1 Breakfast Show? We’re hunting for a new member of our zombie task force to zombie it up at Zombie Manor House and have put out the call in various news outlets. Well it tickled Chris good and proper and he discussed at length the whys and wherefores of zombie employment, though we have no idea what all the sanitary towel comments were. And if you fancy a bit yourself, book your own Zombie Manor House adventure OVER HERE.