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Zombie Auditions: The Best of YouTube

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It seems an extraordinary amount of people have the desire to slather themselves with make-up, distribute gore liberally over their personages and wander around a manor house scaring the essential essences out of members of the general public. The response to our Zombie auditions announcement can be described in one or possibly two words: overwhelming. (Ah, looks like it’s one). Tons of you shuffled down to the Pineapple Studios in London to try out, stunning the citizens of Soho who were not used to seeing people dressed in an unusual way. But those who were trapped in the outer reaches of the UK and couldn’t attend sent us videos instead. Here’s a smattering of the best ones from our YouTube channel… YouTube Audition #1: Stella Gaynor Stella went the well known ‘bunny shaker’ route… YouTube Audition #2: Sophie Mitchell We liked Sophie’s use of a hedge… YouTube Audition #3: Zombie of the Manor ‘Zombie of the Manor’ certainly has the right name to become a Manor Zombie… YouTube Audition #4: Sarah Van Dyke All we can think is ‘what’s in the box?’ YouTube Audition #5: Chris Eaten We call this one the ‘confused butcher’ YouTube Audition #6: Ian Stewart Ahhh,…

Zombies Auditions at Pineapple Studios

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The rumours are true… Provided the rumours are that we’re hiring fresh dead zombie talent, natch. We’ve issued a casting call for zombies, with auditions taking place at London’s glittering Pineapple Studios on 28 June 2012. You’ll need to register here, where you’ll also find instructions and a cut-out-and-keep map c/o the Google. See you on 28 June!

Jamie Oliver at Zombie Shopping Mall

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It’s not everyday we have a celebrity customer at one of our award-winning zombie experiences. In fact, it’s every Saturday. Just wanted to clear that up. This weekend, it was everybody’s favourite cockney chef, Jamie Oliver, shortly after being eaten (in his estimate) ten times by zombies of various shapes and sizes. Here’s the proof… More showbiz than Elton John? Hate zombies, too? Drop us a line, we’ll get you booked in too.

“Top Gun”: How To Join The Best of the Best

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Maverick and Cougar. Flying a Tomkat with your wingman. ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner’. Yes, you love Top Gun. The jet fighters, the hair, the teeth, the tight, tight buns. But that wondrous film was just a work of fiction, right? Like Bagpuss or all those Michael Moore things? There’s no way little old you could strap yourself into a high-performance aircraft and fly erratically, irresponsibly and with masculine flair? You big silly. You too can easily take to the skies with a Harold Faltermeyer soundtrack blasting painfully in your ears. Just sign yourself up to the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program. The real life Top Gun programme designed to turn into a real Tom Cruise without… [REDACTED BY OUR LAWYERS]. #1. Choose a Call Sign Obviously, before you do anything, ANYTHING, you need a snappy nickname that perfectly expresses your action personality. Some of the good ones have been taken, like Iceman, Maverick, Goose and Cougar. But there are options. If you are not as fast as some, how about Sloth? Or if you are overtly hairy, you could be Chimp. If you are French, then Frenchie could work for you. Or Croissant Charlie. Or…

“Ghoul of Duty”: The Sun Fight Zombies in Reading…

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…on Zombie Shopping Mall, which makes an appearance today in The Sun, the zombie paper-of-record. Check out their Zombie Shopping Mall review to see how journo Lee Price got along. Further Reading Check out our other zombie experiences

How to Break Even in First Class [Infographic]

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If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings – or *cough* very reasonably priced flying experiences, right. But if God wanted us to fly decently, he would have given us all wings and a free upgrade to first class. Except then we would all be in first class, so they’d have to invent something even more special for the rich people. Maybe titled Omega Class. Then we would all want God to get us in there. Unless you didn’t believe in God at all in which case you shouldn’t be flying anyway. You should be burning in hell. But surely first class travel is just for rich idiots and chinless yahoos with gross family inheritances or perhaps a Faberge egg farm? We’re the ones with the smarts because although we’re back in steerage with a vomiting nun as a seat companion and a pay turnstile on the toilet, we saved skipfulls of cash. Or maybe things just ain’t so straightforward, as this non-moving film or ‘picture’ demonstrates…

The Ins & Outs of Owning a Tank

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Imagine a highly maneuverable, armed-to-the-teeth gun boat. But on land! Sounds incredible doesn’t it, but these metallic killing earth beasts do exist. They’re called tanks and they’re brilliant. Nothing else with a turret – castles, chateaus, forts – can compare to this supreme caterpillar-tracked, bullet-spewing murder car. But surely these armoured fighting monsters can only be owned by millionaires like Richard Branstons and the Chuckle Brothers? Probably. But if you wanted to own a tank, what would you do and where would it be? Here’s how…