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The Evolution of the Zombie [Infographic]

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As you may have noticed, we are quite partial to a bit of zombie around these parts – in small part due to our wealth of sensational zombie experiences. But we also appreciate and savour our historic zombie heritage. Where did they come from? What do they smell like? And from what location did they originate? All of these queries have troubled our salty little brains over the years. But many of these questions and others we couldn’t be bothered to think up are addressed in this FABULOUS new infographic, which combines both information and a certain graphical element, which we enjoy immensely. So go hog wild and look at this illustrated history of zombie evolution and use the embed code to stick it wherevs…

Zombie Blitz 1940 – The Video!

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Yes, you can simply imagine our fabulous new Zombie Blitz 1940 experience using the crevices and electrical impulses of your fleshy mind. But, even more impressively, you can now SEE various moments from this thrilling World War II based horror adventure thanks to the rather nifty video available below. As you will see, there’s quite a bit of shouting, running, overhead lighting and various bits of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. And so much more. If this taster of the undead revivingspooky accented thrill-fest housed in the tunnels beneath Waterloo Station has got you salivating like a haughty Danish prince outside a fancy cane shop, you can book and look for yourself RIGHT HERE And view this and other exciting videos on this new YouTube thing we keep hearing about ON THIS ONE

Zombie Target Competition Winners

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Remember that competition we ran a few weeks ago to win some ‘money can’t buy’ ‘completely unique’ ‘one of a kind’ shooting targets from Zombie Boot Camp? Well guess what, you didn’t win them. Unless you are Ben (aka @Winstano) or LeeAnn (aka @lcarmichaelx) as they done won the things. Many congrats to them! What will they do with their marvellous new targets I wonder? Scare the dickens out of a close family member? Regift them as a completely inappropriate Ruby Wedding Anniversary present? We implore them to let us know once they have made a decision. And keep them peeled for other great competition type giveaways, either right here on the blog or on our delicious Twitter enclave.

Tatler Reports on Zombie Shopping Mall

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Focusing on the finer things of life, Tatler is a magazine that has been showcasing glamour and high society since 1901. SO WHY THE FLIP ARE WE IN THERE!?! No, we’re not part of Cressida’s Crew (though a boy can dream). The magnificent Emma Kennedy aka @EmmaK67 visited our fabulous Zombie Shopping Mall in Reading. And it sounds like she quite enjoyed it: Try and imagine the most fun you have ever had, times it by 10, add a trillion – and, even then, it doesn’t come close to the awesomeness of this amazing day out.” That’s pretty positive, thank you Emma K! Read her review in an online capacity RIGHT HERE And get yourself to Zombie Shopping Mall UP IN HERE And if anyone from Horse & Hound, Yachts International and The Robb Report fancy having a go, drop us a line. We’re getting all fancy!

We’ve Heard of Slow Moving Zombies, But This is Ridiculous

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Remember about a year ago when we had auditions for zombies at Pineapple Dance Studios? You do? Well these guys didn’t. Uber zombie fan [name redacted] saw the ad and decided to apply. She got decked out in her most hideous undead garb and headed down to London. But there was one small problem. We’ll let them tell the rest of the story… “‘My sister and I saw the advertisement for Zombie Auditions. Greatly excited and knowing that the 28th of June was shortly coming up, we booked our tickets from Manchester to London and did our make-up on the train. “We got to Pineapple studios only to be told we were a year too late! Being Zombie fanatics, we were disappointed with ourselves for making such a big mistake, more so because we couldn’t show off our Zombie make-up, our Zombie moves and weren’t going to work as Zombies!!! “We couldn’t enjoy the rest of our day in London. Just glumly sat on the Thames eating sausage rolls (not peoples fingers) until our train back home. We thought we’re not going to let this be the last of our Zombies, so we decided to get in contact following our Zombie…

Zombies on Big Brother with Rob Hall

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Our favourite professional zombie Mr. Rob Hall aka @CaptainKindling recently made a very special appearance at the Big Brother house! Much like the Charlie Brooker penned mini-series Dead Set, zombies descended on the housemates to provide a rude, and scary, awakening. And it couldn’t come at more apt time as it’s exactly a year since Rob vanquished the competition and reigned supreme at our Zombie Auditions extravaganza. Rob told us: “It was a fairly out of the blue experience! I didn’t know what the job was until I got there, and couldn’t talk about it until the air date… “I’d have to say it’s closely tied with the GiffGaff advert as the biggest achievement of my undead career so far! And the fact that it’s pretty much a year to the day since the auditions makes it a nice way to mark how much and how bizzarrely (in a good way) my life’s changed in the last 12 months.” Read all about the Big Brother Zombie Invasion RIGHT HERE and take a look behind the scenes OVER HERE. Read an interview with Rob about his zombie life and times ON THE BLOG and relive those amazing zombie auditions ON THIS…

Zombie Blitz 1940 Launch Party

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We crammed a whole bunch of quivering journos and VIPs into the tunnels under Waterloo station to experience one of the most terrifying, unique and below-the-belt clechingest evenings any of them had even braved. They were a few of the lucky (?) ones to face Zombie Blitz 1940, a totally new, completely original horror experience combining war, history, dead things and enclosed spaces. Here’s some of the reactions… @wishcouk it was an adrenaline inducing once in a lifetime experience 🙂 you might say it was… FUNDEAD! — Azeem Mustafa (@Django_Chutney) June 27, 2013 Survived the @wishcouk Zombie Blitz 1940. A zombie bit @marcusgipps but @jon_weir just bit him straight back. Then we drank beer. Good times — Graeme Williams (@grayorion) June 27, 2013   @KaniKaniKaniza Want! wantwantwant!! — Avalon (@All4Av) June 27, 2013 And if we can scare a bunch of seasoned media types, used to dealing with all the terror that cats in bins and the name of Kim and Kanye’s child has to offer, then it’s probably going to scare you too. Set in Blitz blitzed London town, a hideous experiment has gone wrong and some formerly dead German soldiers might not be as dead as previous…

Win “Zombie Boot Camp” Shooting Targets!

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It’s the perfect prize for the zombie loving man, woman or pet in your life. Ideal decoration for any squat or historic manor house, these exclusive zombie targets signs are great for visual display or for your preparations in regards to the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Simply attach these targets to a wall or standing surface, then jump about pretending you have a gun, taking aim and making a ‘piow-piow’ noise with your mouth. Or just stand back and admire their obvious beauty. The gruesome zombie doctor and zombie machete owner and the other one come from Zombie Boot Camp. They are made from some sort of material and are definitely a certain size. How to Enter The Competition Just follow us at @WISHCOUK and hit this here button… Tweet …and retweet our desperate pleas. Do all that stuff by midnight on June 14 2013 and these tremendous artefacts can be yours. For added incentive, we are happy to sign these items with the name of a fictional zombie celebrity of your choice. Frankenstein, that one off the Walking Dead, Evil Dead lady… just let us know and we’ll scrawl something on there. So don’t just sit there drinking that cheap Mexican brandy – head…

Interview with a Zombie: Meet Rob Hall!

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Rob Hall beat a mass of grotesque competition to win our zombie auditions. Since then, his life has been turned upside down with appearances on Big Brother to forthcoming TV appearances in the US. We caught up with Rob to see how he was getting along… After an audition at the Pineapple Dance Studios and a rigorous interview process, he triumphed. We sat down to ask him what is’t like to be a professional zombie… How has your life changed since winning our Zombie challenge? Since winning, my life does seem to have changed a lot, and not just in terms of getting my zomb on! Obviously the zombie work itself is the biggest change; it seems that every other week I’m doing some filming, or a photoshoot, or any other assortment of random zombie adventures. But on top of that I’ve had a massive increase in my own self-confidence. No longer am I just another nameless face in the crowd… I’m a professional zombie! How did you hear about the competition? It was actually sheer dumb luck. Stephen Fry had mentioned it on his Twitter feed, but even though I follow him I’d actually missed that tweet entirely. Luckily…

Win a Weekend Break Thanks to Crime!

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To celebrate to release of Harry Bingham’s new future crime classic Talking To The Dead, we want to send you off somewhere! We’ve teamed up with the nice and clever people at Orion Books to provide you with a refreshing Country Break for two in Wales, where Harry’s hero DC Fiona Griffiths comes from. To win this fabulous prize in conjunction with this marvellous book, head over to RIGHT HERE and answer a question possessing a This Morning quiz level of difficulty. The novel deals with a young policewoman with a mysterious past dealing with a series of gruesome murders tied to a long dead tycoon. Find out much more about it HERE And you can find out much more about our country breaks and their ilk OVER HERE. Crime! Murders! Countryside mini-breaks! What could be better? Nothing, we can ensure you. So enter and win with due haste!