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Zombie Boot Camp Featured on the Discovery Channel

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Not everyone has to grind through the 9-5. New DMAX series Forbidden explores the strange and wonderful jobs people do – and the first episode features some of the folks that help our Zombie Boot Camp come to life. The segment on Zombie Boot Camp  features one of our zombie actors Rob Hall and make-up artist Zoe… Read more »

The man who lived at Google HQ

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When most people claim they live at work they mean it metaphorically. It’s the kind of thing you find yourself saying on a Friday afternoon, weeping, with your head in your hands. But for Ben Discoe, it was the literal truth. He lived in a van in his employer’s car park, showered at the on-site… Read more »

How to win the lottery

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As slogans go, “it could be you” is a pretty good one – because it’s absolutely true. Anyone can pick six numbers, hand over their money and buy a winning lottery ticket. Anyone. It’s now 20 years since the National Lottery launched. Lotto dosh can still be life changing money, with the highest ever jackpot an unbeaten £42,008,610. It’s… Read more »

How to Build a Bionic Man

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We can rebuild you! Well almost. There’s barely a bit of the human body we can’t 3D print, grow in a tube or cobble together with plastic these days. And by “we” – we actually mean extremely brainy scientific boffins. Those boffins are still some way from creating a fully artificial human, but medical science is… Read more »

How to make the perfect cup of tea

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Tea is magic. Its curative powers know no bounds. Bad news about your driving test? Have a nice cup of tea. Missed that promotion at work? Two sugars in mine please. Zombie apocalypse? Tea. The British consume 165 million cups of tea every day. That’s 60.2 billion cuppas a year. To put into perspective how awash with… Read more »

Nine Zombie Games You Have to Play

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  Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? One group of people definitely is. Gamers. If there’s one subculture that has spent more time training for the rise of the undead, it’s joystick twitchers. The zombie apocalypse is the go-to storyline for an astonishing number of the mainstream games we know and love. Doom? Space marine… Read more »

How to Survive Freshers Week

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Freshers week is a feast of firsts and one off happenings. You’ll only leave home for the first time once. You’ll only move in with strangers for the first time once. You’ll only start university for the first time once. These experiences are common to every one, but you may have others. One thing’s for certain –… Read more »

How to be a YouTube millionaire

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Last year, 24 year old Felix Kjellberg made $4 million from playing video games. To be more precise, Felix made $4 million from playing video games really badly. Known as PewDiePie online, millions of YouTube users love the camp, crazy commentary Kjellberg comes up with as he sword-fights with Minecraft zombies or screams like a girl playing… Read more »

What’s it really like to visit North Korea?

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  Why would you want to visit North Korea, a country where a quarter of the population is starving and slagging off the government can buy you a trip to a prison camp? It turns out that it’s a surprisingly nice to place be, on the surface… North Korea was forged in war. Annexed by Japan… Read more »