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How to be a YouTube millionaire

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Last year, 24 year old Felix Kjellberg made $4 million from playing video games. To be more precise, Felix made $4 million from playing video games really badly. Known as PewDiePie online, millions of YouTube users love the camp, crazy commentary Kjellberg comes up with as he sword-fights with Minecraft zombies or screams like a girl playing… Read more »

Crazy Secret Celebrity Freemasons! (According to You Tube)

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Do you know who isn’t a Freemason? The secret society that supposedly runs politics, finance and all those daytime cookery shows? No-one, that’s who isn’t. Or at least that’s the verdict of the internet which, for some reason, loves the occasional conspiracy theory. While looking into the murky world of Masonic handshakes, I discovered some… Read more »

How To Be More Bear Grylls

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Rupert. Paddington. Fozzie. Famous bears in cultural history tend to have a fairly sedate reputation. But this whole idea of bears being wussy, wimpy and clothed changed forever when the formidable Bear Grylls entered the televised fray. This Bear was an adventurer, an explorer and a man who gladly convened all over nature. A bit like… Read more »

How To Crash a Celebrity Party

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Scientists have recently proven, beyond all doubt, that celebrities do indeed have the best parties. Not very good scientists, obviously, but scientists all the same. Beyond the velvet rope and the burly bouncers, there’s a whole world that pathetic mortals like us can only dream about. Strange exotic canapés, booze distilled from fruits that you… Read more »

How to go Broke like a Rockstar

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Hurrah! You’ve had a lottery win, Great Aunt Sylvia has popped her clogs or your novelty hit ‘Oopy Doopy Fa La La (The Poo Poo Song)‘ is number one in 12 countries. Suddenly you’ve got tons and tons of cash that you’re determined to squander in the most ridiculous way possible. But how to burn… Read more »

What would Bill Murray do?

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Want a life that’s more interesting? Follow the way of Bill Murray, a man whose real life is every bit as mental as the manic roles he’s played. Bill Murray, actor, philanthropist and legend, could teach us all a thing or two about living life to the max. In Groundhog Day he played Phil Connors, … Read more »

See Our Goodies on Tipping Point!

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It’s the only game show on television that utilises the power of those seaside, two pence, shuffle based amusement games that have no official name. No really, I’m serious, what are those things called? Coiny Slot Drops? Yes, it’s Tipping Point. And despite the infuriating incomprehension of having no name for the machine at the… Read more »