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It’s the only game show on television that utilises the power of those seaside, two pence, shuffle based amusement games that have no official name. No really, I’m serious, what are those things called? Coiny Slot Drops? Yes, it’s Tipping Point. And despite the infuriating incomprehension of having no name for the machine at the heart of the show, we still love it and particularly it’s host Ben Shephard. BEN! BEN! I’m assuming you Google your own name constantly so will probably read this. BEN! BEN! Did you get the socks I knitted? One with T embroidered on it and the other with P? I don’t know if I made it clear in my six page letter, but that stands for Tipping Point! You see, it’s clever, like you. I was at the Frankie & Bennys on the night I mentioned in the letter, but I didn’t see you. You were probably busy being hunky and ace. Anyway, my Shepard based fantasises edge ever close to reality as provides one of the prizes for an upcoming show. This Wednesday, March 19th at 4pm, drop everything and glue yourself to the television, as I will be doing and you’ll see our…

How To Take Afternoon Tea Like The British

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What could be more British than Afternoon Tea? A bulldog lapping up a balti resting on a Paul Nicholas album? Nope, Afternoon Tea takes the biscuit. Apparently we should blame the 7th Duchess of Bedford for adding this extra layer of snobbery to our already tradition-laden customs as she had a sinking feeling by late afternoon and simply could not wait until dinner. So, as a Ginsters and a Mars bar was not really an option in those days, she ordered tea, bread and butter plus cakes and the rest, as they say, is history. What is afternoon tea? Because we have to confuse even the simplest procedures, the British actually invented two kinds of afternoon tea: Low Tea and High Tea. Our dear American friends still get gloriously baffled in that delightful way of theirs by the whole ‘scone and beverage’ business and they seem to think that High Tea implies a high class, expensive meal enjoyed by well-heeled members of the aristocracy. Well, as the Yankee Doodles say, ‘Lemme tell ya how it all be, pilgrim’. High Tea actually refers to an afternoon tea served on a dining table and Low Tea tends to rest on a low…

It’s a Right Royal Whip Round!

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One is a little embarrassed to find that the Royal finances are not exactly in a rosy state and the nation’s most famous pensioner is more than a little short of cash. With her palace falling into disrepair and standards of living to uphold, it appears that the Queen may well have to resort to some desperate or unusual measures to perk up those royal coffers. But Liz and co have nothing to worry about! We’ve devised a number of perfectly practical manoeuvres  to raise some more of those bits of paper and metal with your picture on them. Regality Television Wouldn’t we all like to know what really goes in behind those big, opulent gates? Well what about a TV company stumping up some serious cash to persuade the Royal family to star in their own reality TV show: The Big Buck House? Obviously we can all probably guess the outcome, with Andrew getting kicked off swiftly with the least amount of votes and Prince Philip reigning supreme with his singular brand of acerbic wit and fantastic non-PC one-liners. Or even a royal version of Benefits Street, showing the royal household trying to make ends meet with the paltry amounts we give to them each year? We can… on All Star Family Fortunes!

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There have been some great noises in British game show history. There was ‘vverrrrriiinnngggg’ buzzer sound on Catchphrase with Roy Walker, the ‘Mer-neep neep neep’ at the end of the round on Mastermind and the ‘bellowing ‘Merrrr-herrrrr’ noise that Bully made on Bullseye whenever he got excited. But surely the most iconic game show sound in history is the Family Fortunes ‘EH-ERRR’! It has now entered our lexicon as an indicator of the incorrect. Well, we at are proud to edge ever so slightly closer to that noise and also to the wondrous form of Vernon Kay by providing a few exciting prizes for the contestants on the next series of All Star Family Fortunes. So if you happen to be watching, keep an eye out for our Half Day Sailing and our Slicks and Spokes Raceday at Goodwood. And you can fully expect the studio audience to release a large ‘oooohhhhh’ at the very mention of their names. And do you you remember when we did a similar thing for the excellent Tipping Point? If not, you can remind yourself HERE, but we are also giving them some prizes for the next series too. Clay Pigeon Shooting and…

Leonardo DiCaprio Flyboards in Ibiza…

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  After all the trouble he had with that Titanic malarky, you’d think Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be heading back into the water any time soon. iphone 7 phone case light up But a mere 16 years after drawing that lady like one of his French girls, he’s braved the briny deep again, when he partook in a spot of Flyboarding on a water jetpack in Ibiza. iphone 7 case walnut Accompanied, according to the report,s by someone SHIRTLESS and someone else BIKINI-CLAD, Leo appeared to love jetting high above the waves powered by a high-density aquatic spurt and nerves of steel. iphone 7 phone cases sleep But, I hear you all cry, why are you tormenting us so? It has been well reported in a number of tabloid newspapers and high-level blog posts that the Flyboarding Experience sold out long ago, which is why we presume Mr. palm tree iphone 8 plus case DiCaprio had to travel all the way to Ibiza to get some on. rainbow iphone 6 case Be tormented no more, as it just so happens our Flyboarding bonanza is back AND in full effect. best iphone 8 plus charging case Now you, just like old… on ITV’s Tipping Point

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Obviously you are all glued to ITV’s latest game show extravaganza Tipping Point, featuring Ben Shephard and a trio of celebrities trying to outwit a devious machine for charity. champion iphone 8 case But did you know, your favourite experience merchant, was involved? Due to our near-frightening devotion to all things Shephard and our love of puzzles, we were delighted to contribute items such as our Theatre Dinner for Two and some exquisite Clay Pigeon Shooting as prizes for the show. iphone 8 plus case glitter red You can catch the wondrous Ben and witness his delightful Tipping Point, Sundays on ITV 1 or watch it on catch up HERE. iphone 7 plus case emoji Here’s how it looked as our name actually appeared on national television. jet black iphone 8 case We were so proud… iphone 6 case aristocats And here’s the man who won it.

Our Zombies in ITV’s Whitechapel…?

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We know what you are thinking. camouflage iphone 8 plus case “Big deal, your zombies were hanging out in a slightly fashionable part of East London, possibly visiting the renowned Whitechapel Gallery or picking up some niche cheese at Spitalfields Market”. new york iphone 8 case No, you big lemon, rokform iphone 7 plus rugged case not IN Whitechapel but ON Whitechapel – the hit ITV crime drama starring Chalky from Quadrophenia and Herr Lipp! In the series, llama iphone 8 case people tend to get flayed and our erstwhile detectives have to find out who has done the flaying. iphone 8 mens case And just when they think they’ve nabbed the flayer, somebody else gets flayed. So where do our zombies encroach? We’d better not say for fear of people shouting SPOILER ALERT at us in that way that people do these days. But you can see them, iphone 8 protective case marble including our hero and confidante Rob Hall, griffin iphone 7 phone cases on Wednesday 2nd October on ITV at 9pm – or after that via ITVplayer HERE. If all these zombie shenanigans have got you hot and bothered,

Win VIP Zombie Boot Camp Tickets With @SimonPegg’s #TwitterMillion

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We’ve just heard about Mr Simon Pegg’s fundraising plans for Red Nose Day 2013, and the stonking #TwitterMillion. In case – like us – you’ve been living under a rock, the #TwitterMillion is a celeb drive to raise £1m for Red Nose Day. The team are offering two – count ’em – once-in-a-lifetime exclusive… VIP Tickets Zombie Boot Camp …plus more exclusive Warm Bodies/zombie prizes. What Can You Win? #1. Biggest Donation: VIP Zombie Boot Camp Tickets You’ll earn this exclusive VIP package, not available ANYWHERE else for making the biggest single donation. It’s worth around £600 by our maths. It’ll include… 2x tickets for Zombie Boot Camp 2x hotel rooms for one night nearby 2x train tickets from anywhere in the UK We’ll get the whole trip booked in and organised for you. #2. Second Biggest Donor: Zombie Boot Camp + Warm Bodies Goodies You’ll get your mitts on a load of goodies for zombie romanace Warm Bodies. Included is… 1x (regular) ticket for Zombie Boot Camp Warm Bodies novel Warm Bodies hoodie Warm Bodies hand warmer Take a look at the Warm Bodies movie launch when we helped out back in January. You can pre-order Warm Bodies…

Zombie Battle London on TOWIE Tonight…

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Wowie Zowie, it’s that TV show about Essex! To celebrate the amazing appearance of the brave The Only Way is Essex boys and girls at our Zombie Battle London experience, we’ve all gone a bit TOWIE crazy at Wish HQ. We’re slightly more tanned, there are many more vowels crammed into very word we utter and we’ve had practically every body part jazzled. All you need to do is head over and checkout our Zombie Battle London experience (or our other zombie experiences around the UK). See you at 10pm on ITV2!

Zombie Auditions: The Movie!

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It was spooky, kooky and altogether AWESOME! On 28 June, we held zombie auditions at Pineapple Studios in London’s glittering West End. We put out the call and you released a groan. In your hundreds, thanks to a little help from some bloke on Twitter called Stephen Fry who happened to mention it… Want to work as a zombie? Audition this Thursday at Pineapple Studios: — Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) June 26, 2012 Add in the sterling work of our pals at, and we had a unhealthy amount of the undead vying to become the latest additions to our Zombie Manor House experience. Zombie Auditions: The Movie Here’s what happened on the day… (The video’s also available on YouTube, if that’s your thing) Prospective ghouls, caked in what only can be described as gory stuff, came from as far as Hull in an attempt to catch the judges’ eye with their diseased goings-on. And we were stunned by the attention to detail and unattractive smotherings that these dedicated fans of the non-living came up with. We were completely overwhelmed by the excellence and enthusiasm of everyone that took part, especially when 50 or so of the stinking, rotting beasts…