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Win a Weekend Break Thanks to Crime!

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To celebrate to release of Harry Bingham’s new future crime classic Talking To The Dead, we want to send you off somewhere! We’ve teamed up with the nice and clever people at Orion Books to provide you with a refreshing Country Break for two in Wales, where Harry’s hero DC Fiona Griffiths comes from. To win this fabulous prize in conjunction with this marvellous book, head over to RIGHT HERE and answer a question possessing a This Morning quiz level of difficulty. The novel deals with a young policewoman with a mysterious past dealing with a series of gruesome murders tied to a long dead tycoon. Find out much more about it HERE And you can find out much more about our country breaks and their ilk OVER HERE. Crime! Murders! Countryside mini-breaks! What could be better? Nothing, we can ensure you. So enter and win with due haste!

Dare To Win With Dr Pepper?

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What’s the worst that could happen? I can think of a few things, mostly involving hair and Marmite. But that’s really between me and my therapist. But we want to give you, via the wonderful, tasty, delicious folks at Dr Pepper, the chance to win the experience of your dreams. Or, if it’s something that fills you with malignant dread, the stuff of nightmares. Confused? You shouldn’t be. Basically head over to the Dr Pepper Facebook page, tell them how much you love Dr Pepper and several exciting things you can think of to do with their beverage, then you’ll be entered into a grand prize draw. There you have the chance to win a delightful, sedate, warmly comfortable year long membership to English Heritage for two. Enjoy a plethora of stately homes, engaging castles and frothy formal gardens. OR You could win an exhilarating day indoor skydiving for you and a companion. You’ll be blown to ecstasy as you swoop and glide on a huge wind-generating device, replicating all the excitement of skydiving without having to go really high up. You could also win tickets to our Zombie Manor House or even our Segway Rally experience! But which will you get? You just don’t…

Win VIP Zombie Boot Camp Tickets With @SimonPegg’s #TwitterMillion

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We’ve just heard about Mr Simon Pegg’s fundraising plans for Red Nose Day 2013, and the stonking #TwitterMillion. In case – like us – you’ve been living under a rock, the #TwitterMillion is a celeb drive to raise £1m for Red Nose Day. The team are offering two – count ’em – once-in-a-lifetime exclusive… VIP Tickets Zombie Boot Camp …plus more exclusive Warm Bodies/zombie prizes. What Can You Win? #1. Biggest Donation: VIP Zombie Boot Camp Tickets You’ll earn this exclusive VIP package, not available ANYWHERE else for making the biggest single donation. It’s worth around £600 by our maths. It’ll include… 2x tickets for Zombie Boot Camp 2x hotel rooms for one night nearby 2x train tickets from anywhere in the UK We’ll get the whole trip booked in and organised for you. #2. Second Biggest Donor: Zombie Boot Camp + Warm Bodies Goodies You’ll get your mitts on a load of goodies for zombie romanace Warm Bodies. Included is… 1x (regular) ticket for Zombie Boot Camp Warm Bodies novel Warm Bodies hoodie Warm Bodies hand warmer Take a look at the Warm Bodies movie launch when we helped out back in January. You can pre-order Warm Bodies…

We Gots the Book Smarts!

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  Just because you’ve never seen us with a book and that one time we did pick up a book we opened it the wrong way before bursting into tears and hurling it across the room, doesn’t mean we don’t like books. We love books, especially the lovely, wonderful people at Orion Books who were sweet enough to give readers of Erica James‘ bestseller The Hidden Cottage (spoiler alert: they find the cottage) a chance to win one of our amazing Dove Spa Bliss Packages. But it’s not just small holding based fiction that we’re all about. To celebrate the release of Robert Wilson’s crime drama Capital Punishment, we offered subscribers of Orion’s newsletter the opportunity to win a theatre break in London including a meal! With two courses! But it ain’t just book learning types who can enjoy these marvellous experiences. Book your own Dove Spa Sheer Bliss Package RIGHT HERE or a marvellous theatre break UP IN HERE.

Cockneys Vs. Zombies: Win Tickets to the World Premiere!

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Cockneys Vs. Zombies Released in Cinemas on August 31st – Win 2 Tickets to the World Premiere! If you’ve checked out the website lately, you’ll have noticed how much we love zombies. Massive, smelly, gory, undead zombies. Many customers have fought in real-life zombie battles thanks to our Zombie Boot Camp, Zombie Manor House and Zombie Shopping Mall experiences. So you like zombies, right? We guessed that. Do you like movies too? Yes?! OK, how about a couple of tickets to the premiere – no, really, the world premiere – of a brand new zombie flick? Cockneys vs Zombies is a new comedy horror movie that blends wotcha-guv’nor East End bank robbery drama with a classic zombie invasion (and a healthy dose of black humour). Our unlikely heroes find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and have to hack, shoot and squelch their way across London to save potty-mouthed and feisty OAPs from imminent un-death. The film was written by James Moran who cut his teeth on Dr Who, Spooks and Halloween:H33, so you can be assured of belly-laughs and gut-spilling gore. Cockneys vs Zombies stars Michelle Ryan (yes, the Bionic Woman no less), Georgia King…