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Zombie Boot Camp Featured on the Discovery Channel

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Not everyone has to grind through the 9-5. New DMAX series Forbidden explores the strange and wonderful jobs people do – and the first episode features some of the folks that help our Zombie Boot Camp come to life. The segment on Zombie Boot Camp  features one of our zombie actors Rob Hall and make-up artist Zoe… Read more »

How to be a YouTube millionaire

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Last year, 24 year old Felix Kjellberg made $4 million from playing video games. To be more precise, Felix made $4 million from playing video games really badly. Known as PewDiePie online, millions of YouTube users love the camp, crazy commentary Kjellberg comes up with as he sword-fights with Minecraft zombies or screams like a girl playing… Read more »

How to be more like The Doctor

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He’s over two thousand years old, travels through space and time in a wooden box and is always the smartest person in the room. Who wouldn’t want to be more like the Doctor? Coming back to the telly box this Saturday, Doctor Who is now in its 51st year – with a title character who… Read more »

Wow! Our New Calendar! Now!

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Dates. The endless, vile. pointless tyranny of dates. I mean, who really knows what the actual date is? Back in the old days, do you think they were keeping such a tight grip on that sort of thing? ‘What year is it? 1126?’ ‘I thought it was 1304’ ‘Oh really? I’ll go with that then…. Read more »

The Amazing 2014/15 Calendar!

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A calendar? In March?! Let us explain; before the world was full of microwavable sushi and Michael McIntyre, we used to have a year that started in March and ended in March. Not the same March, the next March. Then the Romans, or somebody, came along and mucked it all up and suddenly we needed… Read more »

Thrilling Helicopter Video Thrill!

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Chopper. Whirlybird. Skyplane. No matter what you call a helicopter, there is one thing you can be sure of. They are very thrilling. How thrilling? How about thriller writer Frederick Forsyth performing all of Michael Jackson’s Thriller while on a tightrope THAT’S ON FIRE! That is only half as thrilling as a helicopter. Especially when… Read more »

YouTuber BriBry Tries Indoor Skydiving

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In his erstwhile attempt to tick off as many things as humanly possible from his bucket list, YouTube superstar BriBryonTour (@BriBryontour if you are Twitlerate) and his beautifully coiffured friend Jason allowed us to take them for a spot of Indoor Skydiving. For the uninitiated, Indoor Skydiving is skydiving indoors. Or, to explain it in… Read more »

Big in Taiwan: “The Borderless World” Vs Zombies

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If there is one thing we pride ourselves on here at, it’s the hand of friendship we show to any visitors from foreign lands who come to sample our wares. So when Kena Tsang and the gang from The Borderless World, Taiwan’s answer to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, popped over to look… Read more »

Tatler Reports on Zombie Shopping Mall

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Focusing on the finer things of life, Tatler is a magazine that has been showcasing glamour and high society since 1901. SO WHY THE FLIP ARE WE IN THERE!?! No, we’re not part of Cressida’s Crew (though a boy can dream). The magnificent Emma Kennedy aka @EmmaK67 visited our fabulous Zombie Shopping Mall in Reading. And… Read more »