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The Amazing 2014/15 Calendar!

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A calendar? In March?! Let us explain; before the world was full of microwavable sushi and Michael McIntyre, we used to have a year that started in March and ended in March. Not the same March, the next March. Then the Romans, or somebody, came along and mucked it all up and suddenly we needed… Read more »

See Our Goodies on Tipping Point!

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It’s the only game show on television that utilises the power of those seaside, two pence, shuffle based amusement games that have no official name. No really, I’m serious, what are those things called? Coiny Slot Drops? Yes, it’s Tipping Point. And despite the infuriating incomprehension of having no name for the machine at the… Read more »

Vernon Revs Our Engine!

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  We’ve been at it again! No, that thing. We have apologised for that profusely and are attempting to move on with our lives. No, we’ve been at the All Star Family Fortune gift giveaway thing again! This time, as you can see from Vernon’s cheeky little grin behind that convincing steering wheel, we supplied… Read more »

Vex Your Ex With Rent-a-Rebound

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There is nothing worse than getting dumped. OK, there are seven things worse than getting dumped, but they are all really sad and painful (and one involves volcanoes), so let’s not dwell on them. And the most distressing element of suddenly finding oneself single? Thinking about all the fun that your previous conquest is having… Read more »

It’s a Right Royal Whip Round!

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One is a little embarrassed to find that the Royal finances are not exactly in a rosy state and the nation’s most famous pensioner is more than a little short of cash. With her palace falling into disrepair and standards of living to uphold, it appears that the Queen may well have to resort to some desperate or… Read more »

Oh Kay, You Nautical Devil

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It was like a fabulous dream finally realised. For years now, just to pass the time, we have thought deeply about Vernon Kay in sailor gear, skippering a small vessel, while we stand nearby holding his rollocks (oh come on, it’s a boating term, look it up). At church, during pilates, even while undergoing works-related… Read more »

Fun With a Capital Squirt!

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Water can be used for many wondrous things. Ice statues of the Chuckle Brothers. Erotic waterfalls. Fog. But surely the greatest aquatic development since that big banana thing you ride on at Kavos is a little item that we call the Water Jetpack. Have two words ever sounded finer together? It’s like Bacon and bap…. Read more » on All Star Family Fortunes!

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There have been some great noises in British game show history. There was ‘vverrrrriiinnngggg’ buzzer sound on Catchphrase with Roy Walker, the ‘Mer-neep neep neep’ at the end of the round on Mastermind and the ‘bellowing ‘Merrrr-herrrrr’ noise that Bully made on Bullseye whenever he got excited. But surely the most iconic game show sound… Read more »

Our Zombies in ITV’s Whitechapel…?

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We know what you are thinking. “Big deal, your zombies were hanging out in a slightly fashionable part of East London, possibly visiting the renowned Whitechapel Gallery or picking up some niche cheese at Spitalfields Market”. No, you big lemon, not IN Whitechapel but ON Whitechapel – the hit ITV crime drama starring Chalky from… Read more »