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Zombies Auditions at Pineapple Studios

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The rumours are true… Provided the rumours are that we’re hiring fresh dead zombie talent, natch. We’ve issued a casting call for zombies, with auditions taking place at London’s glittering Pineapple Studios on 28 June 2012. You’ll need to register here, where you’ll also find instructions and a cut-out-and-keep map c/o the Google. See you on 28 June!

Zombie Boot Camp on Fox News

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American broadcaster Fox News usually dedicates their resources into things such as questioning the human heritage of their President and liking Sarah Palin. But it turns out that they also love our Zombie Boot Camp. iphone 6 case front and back cover Despite the fact that they felt it ‘wasn’t for them’, grip case iphone 6 ‘gross’ and ‘I don’t want any part of it’ we could tell that behind the fear they were dying to head to Droitwich and embark on some zombie bashing. Take that liberal media! And if that has given you the urge to bash some zombies,

‘For Your Eyes Only’ Photo Shoot in the Metro

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One intrepid reporter went searching for the naked truth at our For Your Eyes Only photo shoot. Metro‘s Laura Davis was slightly hesitant to get her kit off in front of the cameras in order to take a series of intimate photographs. marble effect iphone 7 plus case iphone 6 belt case with card holder mothca iphone 6 6s full body case liverpool phone case iphone 8 plus iphone 7 phone cases simpsons iphone 7 case black gloss fluffy iphone 7 case iphone 6 case shock proof But, iphone 6 case grey and white iphone 6 cases butterfly iphone 7 yellow phone cases yeezy iphone 8 plus case iphone 6 case glitter blue grip iphone 6 case amovo iphone 7 case iphone 6 case banksy like everyone who undertakes the experience, iphone 7 hard shell case iphone 6 case labradoodle neon phone case iphone 6 iphone 7 plus case hard back carbon fiber case iphone 6 iphone 7 pluse charge case conor mcgregor phone case iphone 6 iphone 6 case plush she was soon at ease and flinging off accessories as if they were in some way diseased. ultra slim iphone 8 plus case iphone 7 leather case iphone 7… Turns One!

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Hurrah, iphone 8 plus dinosaur case they said it couldn’t be done, but we survived out first year! Take that naysayers! As fully fledged one year-olds we now plan to spend our time using the big boy potty, gorilla case iphone x toddling into painful table edges and really getting into competitive baby fighting. There will be loads of great new experiences and other amazing stuff to look out for in the coming months so stare obsessively at our WEBSITE. iphone 8 whole case Never alter your gaze, yacn iphone 6 case simply keep staring at the screen. To celebrate this incredible achievement, the team went off for a relaxing spot of SWAT Training. apple iphone x case white The results were mixed,

Romantic Break For… Three?

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For possibly the first time in the British Isles we’re attempting to show some solidarity with our filthy foreign neighbours, in an experience of supreme sauciness. That’s right, we want to send you a friend and another friend on a delightful weekend away! Together! Yes, that sort of together. iphone 7 phone cases chihuahua iphone 8 case gel iphone 7 case hard kaiyue iphone 6 case marble iphone case 7 The kind of together that occurs when a Mummy and a Daddy love each other very much, so much in fact that they decide to get someone else involved. We’re offering you the chance to break all sorts of taboos at a luxury 5-star resort in the Lake District, featuring champagne and chocolates on arrival, a room decorated with rose petals and fairy lights, followed by a slap up Cumbrian Breakfast the next morning. iphone 6 plus case matte iphone 8 plus silicone gel case iphone 6 cases with quotes tech21 evo check active iphone 8 case iphone 7 liquid case goat case iphone 6 battery charging case iphone 7 car iphone 7 case eco phone case iphone 7 If you are not too ashamed too eat. iphone 6 case…

Jamie Oliver at Zombie Shopping Mall

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It’s not everyday we have a celebrity customer at one of our award-winning zombie experiences. In fact, it’s every Saturday. Just wanted to clear that up. This weekend, it was everybody’s favourite cockney chef, Jamie Oliver, shortly after being eaten (in his estimate) ten times by zombies of various shapes and sizes. Here’s the proof… More showbiz than Elton John? Hate zombies, too? Drop us a line, we’ll get you booked in too.

Zombie Boot Camp: Sold Out For Now

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Update: Zombie Boot Camp is now back on sale! Due to overwhelming demand, our Zombie Boot Camp experience is sold out… joker phone case iphone 6 at least, for now. It seems the British public’s blood-lust for eliminating undead hordes knows no bounds. And who can blame you? Zombie Boot Camp is dead good. In fact it’s undead good! I’m so proud of that zinger, that I am now going to have a lie down. As a result, Zombie Boot Camp is currently booked up for months. What can you, a heavily interested patron, do about it? Here are all the answers you need. iphone 7 case blue and white alpaca phone case iphone 7 Q: What are you doing about it? A: Don’t panic – we are working day and night, dusk till dawn, to organise extra dates so you can shoot reanimated types in the Midlands. moleskine iphone 8 case Obviously, when we say day and night, we do take time off. iphone 7 phone cases ring walking dead phone case iphone 7 iphone 8 rear case Jeremy Kyle isn’t going to watch himself (though we expect that he does). iphone 6 case riverdale And there’s the…

Chris Moyles on Zombie Auditions

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Did you hear Mr Moyles and his crazy gang of miscreants as they turned their collected razor sharp wit onto our Zombie Auditions during the Radio 1 Breakfast Show? We’re hunting for a new member of our zombie task force to zombie it up at Zombie Manor House and have put out the call in various news outlets. iphone 8 case orange Well it tickled Chris good and proper and he discussed at length the whys and wherefores of zombie employment, lumee case iphone 6 though we have no idea what all the sanitary towel comments were. heavy duty iphone case 7 plus And if you fancy a bit yourself,

Zombie Shopping Mall on the BBC

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If there is one thing we love, it’s local BBC news reports using innovative ways to display information and statistics. Here at we are proud that our Zombie Shopping Mall contributed to this fine tradition by having living cadavers holding up relevant facts scrawled onto torn bits of cardboard. Don’t believe us or convinced that the fabulous, much heralded, much imitated but never better experience at a disused shopping centre in Reading is real, then check out this glorious news report.

Nice Day for a (Zombie) Wedding

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Til death do you part! In what we consider the most romantic gesture since Romeo and Juliet (the Leo/Danes version, obvs), professional love puppy Richard Walker plighted his troth to the future Mrs Walker during the Zombie Shopping Mall experience. Rumour has it that the plucky couple got separated from their outfit and were under attack from a phalanx of the vile members of the walking dead. With things looking bad and a painful, munching death almost inevitable Richard blurted out ‘If we survive this, will you marry me?’ His pre-Bride agreed and suggested they work out the seating arrangements later and run away from the face-chewers as quickly as possible. Ahhh! Or should we say: aaarrrggggggghhhhhhh! Above you can see the happy couple once they had survived the thrilling adventure and made the ring exchange completely official proving, as if we didn’t know, that love conquers anything. Even a monster attack. Even the zombies look happy and our zombies are never happy. Congrats to the both of them and if you have a zombie themed wedding, make sure we get an invite.