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How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

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One of the most talked-about features concerning the aftermath of biochemical and neurochemical warfare, other than the cheap price of cookware and other luxury comestibles,  is the possibility of a zombie invasion. Many of us are sure to be turned into these half-dead creatures that feature so frequently in quality movies and also seem to crop up with alarming regularity when you wander through a certain disused shopping mall in Reading. Of course, the hilarious way that the heroes of Shaun of the Dead try to fight off some very bitey zombies by throwing some well-chosen vinyl at them (not Purple Rain, obvs) is never going to be an adequate response.  So what would your government do if there were to be a real Zombie Apocalypse, and how likely is it to actually happen? The bad news is if you believe the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (and we do), then LQP-79 is your worst nightmare come true. Mild symptoms of people infected by this virus include high fever and vomiting together with chest pains, raised blood pressure and an increased heart rate.  But if you are unfortunate enough to develop severe symptoms, then you will be…

Zombie Target Competition Winners

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Remember that competition we ran a few weeks ago to win some ‘money can’t buy’ ‘completely unique’ ‘one of a kind’ shooting targets from Zombie Boot Camp? Well guess what, you didn’t win them. Unless you are Ben (aka @Winstano) or LeeAnn (aka @lcarmichaelx) as they done won the things. Many congrats to them! What will they do with their marvellous new targets I wonder? Scare the dickens out of a close family member? Regift them as a completely inappropriate Ruby Wedding Anniversary present? We implore them to let us know once they have made a decision. And keep them peeled for other great competition type giveaways, either right here on the blog or on our delicious Twitter enclave.

Till Death Do Us Part…

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It was a nice day for a fright wedding, as Billy Idol almost, nearly sang. Just for a change of pace, the streets of central London witnessed a phalanx of sickly, groaning, near-human figures, as bride and groom horror aficionados Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore from Stockport tied the knot in full zombie regalia. After beating out a slew of other prospective living dead couples, they won a competition from the makers of video game Dead Island Riptide to throw the biggest matrimonial monster bash the capital has ever seen. Just watch this wedding video and see if it doesn’t have the tears rolling down your grotesque, scab-addled faces. Bride, groom, priest and 250 members of the congregation were all zombiefied – eventually resembling some hideous knees-up in a post-nuclear apocalyptic nether world. There was further trouble at the reception where no one could tell where the party’s running sores stopped and the running buffet started. But we wish all the luck in the world to these ghoulie-weds and let’s hope we’ll soon here the shuffle of little zombie feet.

‘How to’ TOWIE with

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Wowie Zowie, it’s that TV show about Essex! To celebrate the amazing appearance of the brave The Only Way is Essex boys and girls at our Zombie Battle London experience, we’ve all gone a bit TOWIE crazy. We’re slightly more tanned, there are many more vowels crammed into very word we utter and we’ve had practically every body part jazzled. How did we achieve this incredible transformation which is making heads turn and laughter stifled on every street we choose to strut up and down? As a Christmas treat to all of you, we’ve constructed this fabulous Towie-To gift guide, so you can put the ‘sex’ into ‘that reality television programme entitled The Only Way is Essex’.   Gold Dice with Diamonds Bling Car Cigarette Lighter It’s like Vajazzling your car! Never again will you have to ignite your lovely lady (or gentleman’s) fag with a scabby old lighter that you’ve previously used to scratch, probe and agitate various parts of your body. This beautiful piece of motorised art has actually caused several multiple car pile-ups due to its dazzling hue and all around gorge-ness. Buy this beauty here   TOWIE Bed Set Now you can sleep with your favourite… in Wired: How To Stay Alive in a Bank Robbery

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Our amazing SWAT Trainers who run our SWAT Training experience aren’t just good for training SWAT. They have a myriad of amazing skills, such as informing people how to survive if they find themselves in the middle of a Dog Day Afternoon style bank heist. Our very own Roy Fitter told the readers of Wired how to be invisible, pay attention and not be a hero in order to get out of there alive. Read all about his tips and treats here.  . And book your own SWAT Training experience HERE

ITV Daybreak’s London Zombie Apocalypse!

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Wow! We were on the telly! A real telly, with lights and cushions and men with headphones and everything. We popped over to ITV’s premier programme-on-before-This-Morning, Daybreak! And after being told repeatedly to stop calling him ‘Adrian’, we got down with Gethin Jones to discuss all things Halloween-y and to big up our fabulous new Zombie Battle Experience. Which they decided to call London Zombie Apocalypse. To which we said, “fine, call it what you want, just keep that free coffee and Danish platter coming”. Here’s a page with our name on it, RIGHT HERE, while the whole show can be seen HERE. Big hot love to the Daybreak gang. And yes, we got your message and we’ll return that weather map later in the day – we really don’t know how it got in the van.

Zombie Auditions: Winner *Finally* Announced…

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We auditioned for zombies back in the summer. The response was overwhelming (as were the photos), and we shared this really rather exciting movie of the day… Alas, we haven’t been able to announce the winner. Until now. So we’re product to announce that our next top zombie is Rob, 30, from Lichfield, Staffs AKA @CaptainKindling on Twitter. Please give Rob a big round of applause, and keep your eyes peeled – this zombie is going places!

Zombie Boot Camp on Fox News

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American broadcaster Fox News usually dedicates their resources into things such as questioning the human heritage of their President and liking Sarah Palin. But it turns out that they also love our Zombie Boot Camp. Despite the fact that they felt it ‘wasn’t for them’, ‘gross’ and ‘I don’t want any part of it’ we could tell that behind the fear they were dying to head to Droitwich and embark on some zombie bashing. Take that liberal media! And if that has given you the urge to bash some zombies, get some more info HERE.