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Zombie Auditions: The Movie!

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It was spooky, kooky and altogether AWESOME! On 28 June, we held zombie auditions at Pineapple Studios in London’s glittering West End. We put out the call and you released a groan. In your hundreds, thanks to a little help from some bloke on Twitter called Stephen Fry who happened to mention it… Want to work as a zombie? Audition this Thursday at Pineapple Studios: — Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) June 26, 2012 Add in the sterling work of our pals at, and we had a unhealthy amount of the undead vying to become the latest additions to our Zombie Manor House experience. Zombie Auditions: The Movie Here’s what happened on the day… (The video’s also available on YouTube, if that’s your thing) Prospective ghouls, caked in what only can be described as gory stuff, came from as far as Hull in an attempt to catch the judges’ eye with their diseased goings-on. And we were stunned by the attention to detail and unattractive smotherings that these dedicated fans of the non-living came up with. We were completely overwhelmed by the excellence and enthusiasm of everyone that took part, especially when 50 or so of the stinking, rotting beasts…

Zombie Shopping Mall on the BBC

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If there is one thing we love, it’s local BBC news reports using innovative ways to display information and statistics. Here at we are proud that our Zombie Shopping Mall contributed to this fine tradition by having living cadavers holding up relevant facts scrawled onto torn bits of cardboard. Don’t believe us or convinced that the fabulous, much heralded, much imitated but never better experience at a disused shopping centre in Reading is real, then check out this glorious news report.

Zombie Boot Camp: The Video

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You’ve HEARD about Zombie Boot Camp. You’ve READ about Zombie Boot Camp. You’ve DREAMED of Zombie Boot Camp until the dreams made the inside of your mind raw and caked with gore. Now there are moving images to accompany the fervent fantasies you’ve been brewing. Check out this amazing video by Moysifer all about his zombie experience day and the brave undead battling he embarked on…. And read all about his thoughts RIGHT HERE. Got absolutely no idea what we are going on about and the confusion is leaving you angry and baffled? We don’t blame you! Then read all about our various zombie endeavours below: Zombie Boot Camp Mall: HERE, HERE Zombie Shopping Mall: HERE, HERE Zombie Manor House: HERE, HERE Surely you too could be fighting, rumbling and swearing at the living dead, just like Moysifer and his merry pals. And stay tuned for more exciting zombie news that will be hitting very soon!