Evolution of the Playstation [Infographic]

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Before the invention of the PlayStation, human beings would amuse themselves by hurling sharpened rocks at each other, building and then destroying large wicker men and Atari. It really wasn’t very good.

But then, in the mid-1990’s, a gaming event so monumental occurred that Richard Marx considered writing a song about it. Yes, it was the release of the PlayStation 1. Or, as it was known at the time, the PlayStation. Soon the whole wide world was playing along with games such as ‘Fast Car Driving Danger’, ‘Space Guns’ and ‘Chungking Express: The Game‘.

And we have never looked back. Well, we all have to look back occasionally, especially when driving. Please, please don’t take that last sentence as a directive to never look back and then sue us when you are rear-ended. What I mean is, we never looked back in a game playing console sort of way.

Each evolution of the PlayStation outmaneuvered the previous iteration in both looking nice and sounding great. As this mighty Infographic utterly describing the movements of the PlayStation genre displays, it has ventured from glorious god-like inception to its phoenix like rise from the ashes of PlayStation 3 to be revealed as PlayStation 4, the latest edition of the console which had the writers of ‘How Console?’ magazine proclaiming ‘It’s simply my reason to live and now my new wife’.

And if you wish to share the rise of the PlayStation with your little pals, just swipe the code that lies beneath it and paste it wherever the feeling takes you. We will not judge, we never judge.


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  1. Dan

    One evident error in this infographic: “First console to use CD technology”.

    The Sega CD add-on to the Genesis was released in 1991 in Japan, 1992 for North America, and 1993 for the rest of the world (including Europe), or the NeoGeo CD (released a few months before the original Playstation), or how about the Panasonic CD-i (which had the horrible, meme generating game, Zelda’s Adventure) which was released in 1991.

    The first 32bit console with a CD-ROM drive (same generation as the original Playstation) was the Amiga CD32 which was released in Europe in 1993. Or the Panasonic 3DO which was also released in 1993 (Japan). Both were released a year before the original Playstation.


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