“Experiences” vs “Stuff”: Which Makes Us Happier?

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You would not believe how much money I am being paid to write these words. iphone 8 star case As a professional freelance writer, I am obviously in the upper echelons of commerce and employment. I enjoy a life of luxury, raking in all the sweet, sweet copy-writing cash then splurging my profits on loose cars, fast women and the art of Ronnie Wood. But am I happy? Yes. Deliriously. But I am unusual. winnie the pooh iphone 8 case It seems that money doesn’t necessarily make us happy. Once the underclasses (people like you) happen to encounter any kind of fiduciary rewards, they panic, begin to cry hysterically and instantly hand over all their money to the nearest identity thief or late night, bingo based quiz show. But why should this be so? We’ve collected all the data, conducted a number of searches on Google AND Bing and asked the man at the bank. snoopy phone case iphone 8 Using this information we’ve put together this illustrated document pinpointing what makes us happier when we throw cash at them: Things or doing things. marble phone case iphone 7 plus Which one will win? Only reading on, using your eyes, can inflict the answer upon you. iphone 6 case 3 in 1 hybrid prime And if you would like this delightful enterprise for your own webbed site, simply swipe the code that lies beneath it.

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