What Are The GTA 5 Cars In Real Life?

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What’s your favourite bit of the gaming behemoth GTA 5? Is it the random beatings, the sudden bursts of ultra-violence or the hidden Dido concerts? No, of course it’s the cars! Those wonderful, animated, floridly titled cars. iphone 6 case floral vintage We all have our favourites, with many of us having multiple posters adorning the walls of our bedsits. polar bear iphone 8 case But if you are anything like me (and I sincerely hope that you aren’t, it’s awful) you may have wondered what the real inspiration for these magnificent automobiles could have been. iphone 6 thin battery case Well, don’t scratch your head until a well-formed groove appears on your cranium any longer. marble personalised iphone 7 plus case We’ve got the information you need right here! In handy dandy Infographic form, so it looks pretty and everything. striped iphone 8 plus case And what is more, you can swipe the magical code beneath the image and stick the darned thing anywhere you fancy. iphone 8 plus case barcelona Though it should probably be a website or blog, otherwise the council might be after you.

3 Responses to “What Are The GTA 5 Cars In Real Life?”

  1. Jay

    8 is wrong its actually an E46 M3.
    16 is either a lexus is (2002) or an Evo 7/8.
    40 is actually an Aston martin rapide.

  2. Alexis

    Ubermatch Sentinel = BMW 320i 325i 330i coupe
    Karin Futo = Old Audi Quattro
    Benefactor Surano = Mercedes SLS (All Benefactor’s car in GTA V are copy of a Mercedes….)
    Bravado Gantlet = Dodge Challenger (Where is the similitude to an old camaro lol !?)
    Debauwchee Exemplar is 4 doors car… so Aston Martin Rapide ??
    Please made an effort on the Pictures (Same color, same nb of doors, a real comparison…)


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