Wish.co.uk in Wired: How to Land a Plane

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Oh dear! You’re aboard a commercial aircraft, element case iphone 8 plus when suddenly the pilot has a heart attack, marble initial iphone 7 plus case the devastated co-pilot (who was secretly in love with the pilot) leaps from the craft and everyone but you is Amish. iphone 6 6s glitter case What to do? It looks as if you’re going to be called upon fly the plane. Whoopsie! There are a variety of manoeuvres you can employ save your skin, once the screaming, red apple case iphone 6 bawling and bathroom evacuation have ceased. off white iphone 8 case And our pal John Hartill spilled the beans on exactly what to do in Wired magazine. To find out how to manipulate the column, leather magnetic iphone 6 case the trim and the brakes read Mr Hartill’s tips RIGHT HERE. armor iphone 7 plus case And book a plethora of magnificent flying experiences OVER HERE.

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