Zombie Shopping Mall in the New York Post

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  Yay, our wondersome Zombies have conquered the Big Apple! As you can see from the cutting above the estimable New York Post (which we are going to assume is the American equivalent of The Times) got quite excited by the thought of our Zombie Shopping Mall. Well, those Yankee Doodles do love malls and malt shops and drive-ins – if the movies are to be believed.  

Zombie Boot Camp in the Guardian Guide

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  Love for our Zombies turns up all over the place (quite right too, as they are ace). Here’s the handsome and exceptional Ciarán Norris from Stillorgan, Co Dublin, extolling the virtues of our very own Zombie Boot Camp on the pages of the Guardian Guide. He points out its use should there be a Zombie apocalypse and manages to get a sly political dig in there (well it is the Guardian). Read the whole thing RIGHT HERE And if you fancy a bit of that yourself, then we urge you to head OVER HERE.

How to Break Even in First Class [Infographic]

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If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings – or *cough* very reasonably priced flying experiences, right. But if God wanted us to fly decently, he would have given us all wings and a free upgrade to first class. Except then we would all be in first class, so they’d have to invent something even more special for the rich people. Maybe titled Omega Class. Then we would all want God to get us in there. Unless you didn’t believe in God at all in which case you shouldn’t be flying anyway. You should be burning in hell. But surely first class travel is just for rich idiots and chinless yahoos with gross family inheritances or perhaps a Faberge egg farm? We’re the ones with the smarts because although we’re back in steerage with a vomiting nun as a seat companion and a pay turnstile on the toilet, we saved skipfulls of cash. Or maybe things just ain’t so straightforward, as this non-moving film or ‘picture’ demonstrates…

The Ins & Outs of Owning a Tank

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Imagine a highly maneuverable, armed-to-the-teeth gun boat. But on land! Sounds incredible doesn’t it, but these metallic killing earth beasts do exist. They’re called tanks and they’re brilliant. Nothing else with a turret – castles, chateaus, forts – can compare to this supreme caterpillar-tracked, bullet-spewing murder car. But surely these armoured fighting monsters can only be owned by millionaires like Richard Branstons and the Chuckle Brothers? Probably. But if you wanted to own a tank, what would you do and where would it be? Here’s how…

Zombie Boot Camp in the Metro

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  Plucky reporter Jill Reilly faced the horrors of our Zombie Boot Camp for Metro and lived to tell the tale… Despite failing to engage her weapon and being generally disturbed by the whole zombie mayhem thing, iphone 6 cases cats iphone 7 case navy iphone 6 peach case leopard iphone 7 case 8 plus iphone cases girls she survived the ordeal and needed to tell the world all about here exploits, iphone 7 plus cardholder case iphone 6 case raised edge iphone 8 case ring belkin phone case iphone 6 tokyo ghoul iphone 6 case as she did RIGHT HERE. iphone 7 plus case kickstand iphone 8 plus harry potter case undertale sans iphone 6 case iphone 6 case raf iphone 7 cases prime After you’ve read about the fine, chargeable phone case iphone 8 plus gothic phone case iphone 8 bee phone case iphone 7 black marble iphone 8 plus case iphone 6 case shockproof case marble thrilling time she had,

Roll Your Own Cannonball Run

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The Cannonball Run wasn’t just the greatest film ever made (with the second greatest being Cannonball Run II). iphone 8 water glitter case Before it was the highest peak of cinematic engineering, it was an actual, real and non-pretend road race from coast to coast, with the fastest mofo crowned the winner, while the rest of the pack took their own lives in shame. But surely a Prius owning, hummus eating, ‘Sister Act’ loving chap like you couldn’t ever be involved in anything as cool as a Cannonball Run, right? Probably, but just in case, here are some pointers. History of Cannonball Run The ‘Run’ or ‘Cannonball Run’ as it’s also known, is named after Erwin G. “Cannon Ball” Baker, who was both famed for driving quickly from coast to coast and having the middle name “Cannon Ball” which was quite unusual for the time. iphone 7 phone cases stranger things indie iphone 8 plus case iphone 8 plus case orange In honour of this great man and as a reaction to the recently enforced American speeding laws, car journalist Brock Yates drove New York to Los Angeles in 40 hours. Then he asked other people to do the same…

Wish.co.uk: Future 50 Short-list Holders!

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Swimsuit season has not been kind to us here at Wish.co.uk. We simply can’t believe how out of shape we’ve become and now that new beachwear we purchased for our big trip to the Canaries now appears mis-shapen and vindictive. But our shattered confidence received a much needed boost by news that we had made the shortlist for the Real Business Future 50 award, iphone 8 cases pink iphone 7 case slim red iphone 8 thin case cheshire cat iphone 6 case the originals phone case iphone 7 esr phone case iphone 8 plus iphone 6 case chinese dragon brown iphone 6 case in conjunction with Red Bull. 360 silicone case iphone 7 man utd phone case iphone 7 iphone 7 plus batman case unicorn phone case iphone x iphone 7 plus case carbon fibre iphone 6 phone case burgundy card case iphone 8 gameboy iphone 6 plus case As you will all be aware, iphone 7 carbon fibre case iphone 8 case holder iphone 7 silicone gel case iphone 6 john deere case iphone 6 case with stitch led light phone case iphone 6 iphone 8 phone case with strap iphone 8 case champion the Future 50 list chronicles…