How To Spot A Fake Rolex

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If you’re anything like me, you buy all of your stuff from a bloke called Tony with a wolf tattooed on his neck who operates out of the back of a pub car park. Perishables, white goods, even valuable items of celebrity memorabilia; give him 24 hours and Tony can get his hands on it. metallic iphone 7 case When he’s not inside. apple brand iphone 6 case Obviously, what Tony does is completely above board and legitimate. rechargable phone case iphone 6 But unfortunately, not everyone is like Tony. shieldon iphone 7 case There are other types out there who trade in shoddy counterfeit items which fall apart or burst into flames as soon as you plug them in. Many of these fake objects are produced with exceptional quality, almost identical to the real thing. One of the luxury products most often counterfeited (after fake ‘Noel Edmonds Style Deal Or No Deal Comedy Beards’) are Rolex watches. Whether your a Championship football player or a national weatherman, you will need a Rolex to indicate your worth. pink sand iphone 7 plus case But if you’re approached with a large, gaudy wristwatch, how can you tell whether its the real thing? Unless it say ‘Bolex’ on the front, obviously. iphone 6 case striped Here are the main ways you can tell a made up Rolex from the real ones. otterbox iphone 8 case symmetry series And if you want to share your new-found knowledge with the world, you can completely legitimately steal the code from beneath the image and post it wherever you wish.

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