Till Death Do Us Part…

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It was a nice day for a fright wedding, iphone 6 marble case blue as Billy Idol almost, iphone 8 case pink marble nearly sang.

Just for a change of pace, the streets of central London witnessed a phalanx of sickly, groaning, iphone 6 case space near-human figures, iphone 8 silver case as bride and groom horror aficionados Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore from Stockport tied the knot in full zombie regalia.

After beating out a slew of other prospective living dead couples, they won a competition from the makers of video game Dead Island Riptide to throw the biggest matrimonial monster bash the capital has ever seen. ted baker case for iphone 8 Just watch this wedding video and see if it doesn’t have the tears rolling down your grotesque, scab-addled faces.

Bride, groom, priest and 250 members of the congregation were all zombiefied – eventually resembling some hideous knees-up in a post-nuclear apocalyptic nether world. charging case iphone 7 There was further trouble at the reception where no one could tell where the party’s running sores stopped and the running buffet started.

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