Our Zombies in ITV’s Whitechapel…?

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We know what you are thinking. camouflage iphone 8 plus case “Big deal, your zombies were hanging out in a slightly fashionable part of East London, possibly visiting the renowned Whitechapel Gallery or picking up some niche cheese at Spitalfields Market”. new york iphone 8 case No, you big lemon, rokform iphone 7 plus rugged case not IN Whitechapel but ON Whitechapel – the hit ITV crime drama starring Chalky from Quadrophenia and Herr Lipp! In the series, llama iphone 8 case people tend to get flayed and our erstwhile detectives have to find out who has done the flaying. iphone 8 mens case And just when they think they’ve nabbed the flayer, somebody else gets flayed. So where do our zombies encroach? We’d better not say for fear of people shouting SPOILER ALERT at us in that way that people do these days. But you can see them, iphone 8 protective case marble including our hero and confidante Rob Hall, griffin iphone 7 phone cases on Wednesday 2nd October on ITV at 9pm – or after that via ITVplayer HERE. If all these zombie shenanigans have got you hot and bothered,

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