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Bungee Jump

Prove your daredevil cred by jumping off an enormous crane!
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  • Experience a thrilling bungee jump.
  • Enjoy a heart-stopping 160 foot drop from a crane.
  • Take home a DVD or photos of your experience.

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If you’re the kind of mad person that enjoys stepping off 160ft platforms into thin air, this experience is for you! You’ll be securely attached to a very safe, very thick and very boingy piece of rope which will catch you as you jump and leave you dangling upside down awaiting rescue. Nothing could be more fun! Well, we’ll take your word for it!
What happens on the day?
This experience is open to all aged 14-50, although 14-15 year old jumpers need parental permission. Over 50s can jump but will need a doctor’s certificate and will be asked to sign a non-standard waiver. After completing a membership form your instructor will tell you what to do and your weight will be checked to make sure you’re attached to the right boingy thing (the maximum weight for a bungee jump is 120kg). You’ll be asked to remove your glasses and hard contact lenses before the jump. At the end of your experience you’ll be able to buy a DVD or photos of your jump.....
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Terms & Conditions
Your voucher will be valid for 10 months. There are two Bungee Cranes and 120 different jump dates from various locations across the UK throughout the year. A £25 upgrade fee must be paid to the operator in order to redeem this voucher at London locations. You can't jump if you suffer from high blood pressure, you have a heart condition or you're pregnant, or you suffer from dizziness, epilepsy, asthma, any neurological conditions or diabetes. If you suffer from neck damage or problems with your back, ankles or eyes, please talk to your doctor and get a medical certificate before the jump. Please let the operator know if you're taking any form of medication. There might not be anywhere to shelter, so make sure you check the weather and dress appropriately. The maximum weight is 120kg.