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Stop butling yourself! Add a dash of much needed quality to your dinner party with this on call butler service.
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If Downton Abbey has taught us one thing, it’s that civilisation has completely collapsed since paid domestic staff evaporated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have your very own butler.

Just remember to keep your butler dry and don’t feed it after midnight. Oh wait, that’s Gremlins. Butlers are the men (and ladies, this is the 20th century after all) that provide vast amounts of culinary and cultural experience to a party, soiree or shindig.

Imagine the scene. You’ve invited your stereotypical 1970s sitcom boss around to the house and you want to impress him so you get that big raise you’ve been hankering after. You’ll be sure to bag that promotion and a corner office next to Higgins in accounts when a real, live, actual, complete butler serves him soup and quietly mocks his choice of spoon.

With this service, you’ll get your butler for five whole hours. You prepare the meal and then sit back and let Jeeves (or Jeevesetta, this is the 20th century after all) do the rest. They’ll greet your guests at the door with a bow and take their coats and won’t hurl them to the floor with disgust, as you tend to do.

Then your personal butler will serve them champagne, offer them canapés on a nice platter, mix the cocktails, serve the food and cough lightly to cover up any unfortunate flatulence that occurs. And they will not judge. Not vocally anyway. They may silently judge and then share their judgements with the other butlers back at the pound where they all live.

And even better, they’ll help with the clearing up afterwards. That’s always the worst bit of a party, right? Unless the party was my eighth birthday party which involved an accidental, ritual Chinese burn and a lot of sobbing scouts. No butler could have saved that car crash. But you can banish those thoughts to the furthest reaches of your mind – as your butler will clean, shine and sparkle. Never be let down by the lack of a butler at your social extravaganza ever again. Run, don’t walk, to this fabulous personal butler service by Randolph.
What happens on the day?
Your voucher is valid for 10 months. Pre-booking is essential. Please book well in advance, as this is also essential. The butlers can travel to any location in London (within M25, let’s not get crazy here. The suburbs aren’t ready for butlers). Please contact our Customer Services to discuss your requirements.....
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This voucher is valid for 10 months. Pre-booking is essential for this experience. Please book well in advance. The butlers can travel to any location in London (within M25). Please contact our Customer Services to discuss your requirements.