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Days Out: UK Attraction Tickets & Theme Park Tickets


Theatre Breaks View All >>

London’s West End is world-famous for hosting some of the best live entertainment around, and with a theatre break voucher from Wish, you can enjoy a great seat at your favourite hit West End show. If you are looking to pick up a voucher for two people, you can choose to combine your theatre date with a meal at a nearby restaurant or a night in a four-star hotel around the corner. For a more intimate night out, try a cruise on the Thames with live music, great entertainment, dancing, dinner and wine for you and your companion.

River Cruises View All >>

Going on a cruise is no longer the reserve of the rich and famous, or those who enjoy cheesy light entertainment and the music of Jane McDonald. Pick up a voucher for a classy river cruise from Wish and you’ll see the capital from a whole new perspective. Our Thames river cruises in London can be combined with afternoon tea, lunch, dancing, fine dining, live jazz or even a trip on the EDF Energy London Eye. If you prefer, choose the Rover pass and hop on and off the boats for a full day. It sure beats taking the tube.

RIB Experiences View All >>

A RIB is the ideal vessel to nip down the Thames or the Solent. Reinforced inflatable boats are nippy, lightweight and incredibly fast, and best of all, you don’t even need to drive! Your experienced skipper doubles up as your tour guide for the day (this is deliberate) and may actually say words like ‘port’ or ‘starboard’. Or maybe not. Depending on the location you choose, you may even get to experience the sheer power and agility of a RIB in open water. Wowee! Hold on tight for an extreme yet super-safe thrill that the whole family can enjoy.

Afternoon Tea View All >>

Afternoon tea: the most British of meals. Even more British than ‘dinner breakfast’ or ‘morning supper’. A traditional afternoon tea includes the very finest finger sandwiches, naughty little pastries and soft, home-made cakes, including some that you’ll have to eat with a fork. Yep, afternoon tea is that posh! You’ll be served scones, cream and jam, and you’ll be able to select from a range of premium teas or coffees. If you want to upgrade, pick an afternoon tea that includes a delicious glass of fine Champagne. Most afternoon tea treats cover two people. Extend your pinky and enjoy.

Stately Homes View All >>

Our stately home experiences cover the very best locations that the UK has to offer. Enjoy the opulent surroundings of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and dine with a friend on a sumptuous cream tea. You can even pretend you live there for a bit! You can also take afternoon tea in a hotel close to Buckingham Palace, then pop over and visit Her Majesty’s collection of antiques and historic trinkets in the Palace gallery. If you just can’t get enough, purchase a membership to English Heritage and enjoy swanning around their historic properties willy-nilly for a whole year!

Days Out: How to Choose

With a crisp, shiny voucher for a day out, you can be a tourist in your own town or see another city through fresh eyes.

Take a cruise down the Thames and enjoy lunch with a pal, or zoom off down the Solent on a RIB (that’s a type of fast boat). Treat someone you love (or merely tolerate) to afternoon tea in a posh hotel, or book in for delicious cakes and organic tea at the super cool Cake Boy emporium in London.

All of this and more - and there’s free UK delivery on everything.


Q: I might be up for day release soon, is this a similar sort of thing?
A: OK, I’m just going to stand over here now. No! This is where we keep all our fabulous days out. We are talking trips to Stately Homes, Afternoon Tea escapades, visits to the theatre, river cruises and other delightful delights.
Q: I don’t want to go alone, I have my reputation as a flaneur to uphold.
A: Of course you have. That’s not a problem, we have days out for couples and families.
Q: But London terrifies me. What would you recommend?
A: We are proud to offer a range of experiences in London and we think we have something for everyone, even people choosing to wear those jodhpurs, as you have. Start the day with one of our glorious River Cruises to get your bearings. Then choose one of our afternoon teas at a palace or stately home. Nip up the Shard or the London Eye, clamber up the O2 or get chased by a zombie. In the evening, take in a West End show with one of our Theatre Breaks.
Q: But I’m from miles away! I can’t go swanning off to a location with a theatre, where would I stay?
A: With one of our theatre breaks that includes a stay in a swanky hotel, you might even got a spot of breakfast thrown in.
Q: Can we go and see the musical that I wrote about Linda Lusardi that only exists in my mind (and partly in my shed).
A: We can’t guarantee that you’ll see that one, but there will be a choice of amazing shows. There will usually be at least five to choose from.
Q: But I can’t choose a location now, what the hell is wrong with you?
A: Then why get pick up one of our Afternoon Tea vouchers, where you can buy now and book later. There are gazillions of venues for you and your companion, plus a wild array of cakes and tasty treats to choose from.
Q: But my companion is famed for their food allergies. Can I still book an afternoon tea?
A: Oh yeah, most venues will be pleased to cater for customers with food allergies and special diets, but you must make them aware of this before you attend. Likewise, if you’re vegetarian, it’s a good idea to mention it when you call to make your booking so the venue can prepare something suitable for you. You don’t actually need to worry about this when you buy your voucher: you’ll just need to make the venue aware when you telephone to book a date.
Q: And if they are literally savage about stadiums?
A: We have lots to go and have a tour around including iconic venues such as Old Trafford, Anfield and Wembley. There may even be a Legend from the club involved there.
Q: All these Statleys and Teas sound a bit mild for a crazed, extreme beast like myself. Anything more fast-paced?
A: By the bushel-full! Our middle name is extreme. Wish Derek Extreme Dot Co Dot Uk to be exact. Why not try a speedy RIB ride down the Thames? Or, of course, there’s our Zombie Battle London or our Zombie Blitz 1940 to try.
Q: What about discounts or concessions, give me some of that sweet love?
A: Some experiences in our Days Out category are available for different age groups, such as seniors or kids. Make sure you review all the options and choose the right one to get the best possible value. If you make a mistake, don’t panic: you can exchange your voucher instantly online, and it’s free. You’ll just need to pay the difference.

Fun Facts

  • 1. In Medieval times, days out would tend to be to a religious shrine or a seasonal fair. They would probably have better fried snack foods at the seasonal fairs.
  • 2. The arrival of the railway, in the 19th century, saw the growth of the day-trip industry. Now Victorians could visit far-flung places in a confined, soot-filled environment.
  • 3. A charabanc is a type of motor coach favoured by works outings, whose name derives from the French phrase ‘char à bancs’ meaning ‘carriage with wooden benches’. As in the popular French expression ‘Marie, bring the tweezers and a mirror, I’ve been on a char à banc’.
  • 4. A charabanc is notably mentioned in the Dylan Thomas short story The Outing where the young Thomas unintentionally finds himself on the annual men's trip to Porthcawl. So it’s sort of a version of The Hangover for clever people? No, I’m being told that it isn’t.
  • 5. The word ‘staycation’ is said to have been originally coined by Canadian comedian Brent Butt on the television show Corner Gas in 2005. I think the most surprising element in the previous sentence is the phrase ‘Canadian comedian’.
  • 6. Beatallica, a band that both parodies the Beatles and Metallica, recorded a mash-up of Day Tripper and Metallica's Hero of the Day called Hero of the Day Tripper, on their 2009 album Masterful Mystery Tour. I don’t know when you will be reading this, but I can safely assume they will be playing the Robin 2 in Walsall sometime this week.
  • 7. The first usage of the word picnic can be traced to the 1692 Origines de la Langue Française, where it is used to describe a group of people dining in a restaurant who brought their own wine. As in ‘sneaking wine into that restaurant was no picnic’?
  • 8. School summer holidays were invented by educator Horace Mann in 1840. Which is why skiving off school is known as ‘pulling a Horace’ (at least in my family).
  • 9. The oldest operating amusement park is Bakken in Copehagen, Denmark, which has been entertaining Danes since 1583. Sadly Diggerland opened the following year, just missing out on the title. Not really.
  • 10. River Thames’ frost fairs were held on the frozen surface of the water between the 15th century and early 19th century, when winters started to become less cold. And possibly because having a party on a frozen river was insane, even in the olden days.

Days Out: the stats

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