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Afternoon Tea: Everything you need to know

Afternoon tea: the most British of meals. Even more British than ‘dinner breakfast’ or ‘morning supper’.

A traditional afternoon tea includes the very finest finger sandwiches, naughty little pastries and soft, home-made cakes, including some that you’ll have to eat with a fork. Yep, afternoon tea is that posh! You’ll be served scones, cream and jam during most afternoon teas, and you’ll be able to select from a range of premium teas or coffees to go with your meal.

Our afternoon tea venues and locations are just the thing for a birthday or anniversary. No matter what your idea of a ‘posh do’ is, we have a location you’ll adore. From fabulous, opulent hotels to trendy boutiques in the heart of London, nobody does a good cuppa like

Need a little more? If you want to upgrade to something really special, pick an afternoon tea package that includes a delicious glass of fine Champagne, a tour of Buckingham Palace or a wine tasting session.

Most afternoon tea treats cover two people, so it’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion or catch up with a friend. Extend your pinky and enjoy.

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Q: I’m really into timed meals, such as Dawn Breakfast, Whitsun Supper and of course Elevensies. What of that ilk?
A: Only the most delicious and strategically timed meal of all: Afternoon Tea!
Q: No! You’re tickling my tallywhacker! You have those?
A: Erm, yes. We are talking delicious cakes, sandwiches, sweets and other possible delights at a baffling array of venues.
Q: I do need to appease a large man who tends to carry a sack full of doorknobs, would this suffice?
A: Oh yes, I’m sure Colin ‘The Doorknob’ Clifton would love this. All our vouchers are for two people. But if Colin wants to bring along his henchmen, you can buy multiple vouchers for extra guests. Some venues will allow you to bring children for no extra charge, although don’t just turn up and drop them off like it’s some tea-filled crèche. If in doubt, call our team and we’ll find out for you.
Q: But where can I possibly go?
A: There are so many locations all over the country that we can scarcely keep them on the map. There afternoon teas held at well known stately homes, fancy hotels and cake ‘boutiques’!
Q: My wardrobe veers towards the ‘sack’ and ‘sacking’ end of things, will this bring ill will?
A: Some places might ask you not to wear jeans or trainers, or may impose a ‘smart casual’ dress code, which large bags or sacks could fall under. Some won’t care and anything that isn’t ‘nude’ will be fine. Any dress code will normally be mentioned on the information page, so you can check it out before you buy your voucher.
Q: I’m allergic to certain members of East 17? Can I still purchase?
A: Yes, go ahead and buy the voucher. Really. Do it, now. Then when you call to book, let the team or venue know what your requirements are. Most afternoon tea venues will be very happy to provide food that’s suitable for you as long as they have sufficient notice. If any guests are vegetarian, remember to mention this so you are provided with suitable sandwiches, with Quorn or the like upon them.
Q: Right, I reckon that shack by the lay-by does tea, I’m off there this second.
A: Please don’t. Buy your voucher first and then call to make the booking with the venue when the voucher arrives. Don’t turn up at places without booking, as you may end up looking like a right Charlie.
Q: But simply one experience could never be enough for a human like me. How do you like those apples?
A: Then you can receive afternoon tea and something else. Like a stroll around Kensington Palace, Blenheim Palace or even Harrods! After a full scan through our offerings and pick one perfect for the likes of you.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The taking of afternoon tea originated amongst the English upper classes in around the 1840s. We don’t know if it was the invention of ‘tea’ or ‘afternoons’ that precipitated this, but we have our top scientists and historians working on it.
  • 2. Charles II's wife Catherine of Braganza is often credited with introducing tea to the court upon her arrival in 1662. Yeah, but there’s no need to Brag-anza about it.
  • 3. The sugar and caffeine combination in tea was thought to revive the working poor of 19th and early 20th century England during the afternoon. They must have been really tired out after all that energetic cockney dancing on rooftops with animated chimney sweeps.
  • 4. High tea, which is also known as ‘meat tea’ can be defined as the evening meal of the working class, typically eaten between 5pm and 7pm. Is this the source of the phrase ‘Those members of the working class are very meaty’.
  • 5. The word crumpet may have Celtic origins relating to the Breton word ‘krampoez’ meaning a ‘thin, flat cake’ and the Welsh crempog, a type of pancake. If it wasn’t for those Bretons and Welsh, saucy 70’s comedies would be a lot less colourful.
  • 6. It was the Duchess of Bedford who, by establishing afternoon teas in 1840, promoted the popularity of the tea cosy. I imagine that prematurely cold tea lead to a lot of wars and bloodshed before the duchess intervened.
  • 7. In the United States, elevenses refers to the antiquated custom of a late-morning whiskey break. Was it because when asked how many fingers someone was holding up, they would reply ‘Eleven?’
  • 8. Tea bags were invented in America in the early 1800s to hold samples of teas brought from India. So if they invented them, why is it used as an insult over there for us Brits?
  • 9. The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong is home to the world’s most expensive afternoon tea, where you can spend up to $8,888 dollars. Sandwiches? They should call them sand-riches. Am I right? I can see that I am not.
  • 10. The world's oldest operating petrol station, in Zilla USA, is shaped like a teapot. Perfect for all those people who claim that tea gives them gas.

Afternoon Tea: the stats

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