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Days Out in London: Everything you need to know

If you’ve never seen the stunning Georgian Restaurant in Harrods, you must pick up one of our afternoon tea vouchers for your next trip to London! You can also choose to take afternoon tea on a boat on the Thames! It’s a cruise boat, not a pedalo: we don’t cut corners, no siree.

If you’re looking for a more innovative way to travel around London, our Thames Rover pass allows you to hop on and off the boats all day. Just buy your voucher from and exchange it for a ticket when you arrive. For a thrilling alternative, take a trip on a RIB with the kids and feel the wind in your hair and other regions.

Prefer an easy dining experience on dry land? Our dinner voucher covers three courses and coffee at Tiger Tiger, Livebait, Planet Hollywood, La Locanda, Ruby Blue, Sway and more: restaurants are available to cater for all tastes.

If you’re treating someone on a special occasion, just give us a ring and we’ll check that your chosen date is available before you buy your voucher. And if you change your mind, don’t worry: we’ll just swap your voucher for something else - no problemo.

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Q: It’s my dream to visit every capital city on the planet. I have been following this dream for 14 years now and so far I’ve only visited Cardiff. Can you help?
A: How does a day out in the capital city of England strike you? Namely London!
Q: Hold on, let me check... Yes! That’s on the list! What sort of days out do you cater for?
A: We cater for a whole host of things including a Thames Rover ticket so you can travel all day boat-style, a wide variety of river cruises and theatre breaks. Afternoon tea at venues such as Harrods and Kensington Palace plus trips up iconic buildings such as the O2 Arena, the London Eye and The Shard.
Q: Like the man in that film, I have to keep my heart-rate above a certain level or else I get quite sleepy. Any thoughts?
A: We certainly have more extreme experiences for you to sample such as a thrilling RIB ride down the Thames, ice climbing in Covent Garden and of course our famous Horror Adventures such as Zombie Battle London and Zombie Blitz 1940 under the tunnels at Waterloo Station.
Q: Now I have completely flip-flopped and want something super relaxing. What can that be ascribed to?
A: Why not try an amazing spa day at a top swanky London based location. You can pick a number of treatments or just have a quick wash and brush up before your big night on the town.
Q: And my special friend? Can they come along?
A: Why of course! Many of our London based experiences are for two people or more.
Q: If I purchase this for another, how could that work?
A: All our vouchers can be swapped instantly and painlessly on our site if the person you purchase for isn’t happy with your choice. Or why not pick up something like the London Dining Experience or a Theatre Break, where there is a wide choice of a number of different places to visit.
Q: But how can I possibly know when they want to go? What am I, Kreskin the Great?
A: Don’t worry! Just purchase the voucher now and all the instructions are right there on the document. They can then call up and book the place and date best suited to them.
Q: They may be one of those ‘people’ who only eat ‘certain’ things. Will that be troubling?
A: Not at all. If there is an eating element to your experience, all dietary requirements should usually be catered for and a vegetarian option should be included. Just let the supplier know when you are booking the date.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The tomb of Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser in Westminster Abbey is said to contain unpublished works by Shakespeare, who threw manuscripts into his grave to honour his genius. I plan to do the same with whoever wrote that one Lovejoy I really like.
  • 2. One, London, is the postal address of Apsley House, the Duke of Wellington's former residence on Hyde Park Corner. So none of your One Direction fan mail will get there if you stick that on the envelope, but that shouldn’t stop you doing it.
  • 3. Postman's Park, behind Bart's hospital, is full of memorials to ‘ordinary people’ who committed heroic acts. Like the time I prevented that big fire by not learning how to start fires with my mind like Drew Barrymore in Firestarter. And yet I have still to receive my medal.
  • 4. London was the first city to reach a population of more than one million, in 1811. And as it was 1811, virtually everyone was a chimneysweep. I think.
  • 5. In 1926, John Logie Baird demonstrated the first television in Frith Street, Soho. The first person complaining that ‘there’s nothing on’ took place microseconds later.
  • 6. The Circle Line pub crawl is the age old tradition where crawlers stop at each of the original 27 stations on the line and go for a drink at a nearby pub. So that’s why, on the tube maps, the Circle Line is puke coloured.
  • 7. More than 300 languages are spoken in London, more than any other city in the world. What about that Rosetta Stone place I keep hearing about, don’t they speak loads of languages there?
  • 8. The Tate Modern is the most popular contemporary art gallery in the world, with more than 4.7 million visitors a year. In your face Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal!
  • 9. In the original designs for St Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren wanted a 60 foot high pineapple sitting on top of the dome. So from that I’ll assume that Sir Christopher Wren was a drunken student?
  • 10. Heathrow airport is named after the tranquil village that used to be at that location named Heath Row. If the ancient residents of Heath Row could see what’s happened to their hamlet; they’d probably wonder why the sandwiches were so bloody expensive.

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