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River Cruises & Boat Cruises on the Thames, London

River Cruises: Everything you need to know

Going on a cruise is no longer the reserve of the rich and famous, or those who enjoy cheesy light entertainment and the music of Jane McDonald. Pick up a voucher for a classy river cruise from Wish and you’ll see the capital from a whole new perspective.

Our Thames river cruises in London can be combined with afternoon tea, lunch, dancing, fine dining, live jazz or even a trip on the EDF Energy London Eye. If you prefer, choose the Rover pass and hop on and off the boats for a full day. It sure beats taking the tube.

On the menu


Q: Ahoy! I’d like some boaty fun! Ahoy!
A: Please don’t shout and your outfit is troubling. Yes, we have a number of excitement crammed river cruises waiting to disembark at a port near you.
Q: Is it a river I would have heard of?
A: Well I don’t know, a little waterway known as THE THAMES?
Q: The Thames! The place from the EastEnders opening titles and also the ident for Thames Television?
A: The very same. We want you to travel to London and hit that famous watery icon in a variety of crafts.
Q: Ahoy! What can I do on these boats? Other than the obvious?
A: I don’t even want to know what that could refer to. As well as a delightful cruise up the Thames, viewing the sights such as the Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge, you could indulge in afternoon tea or dinner, listen to live hot jazz or dance the night away with some dancing. You can even have a cruise plus a spin on the London Eye.
Q: Can I wear my nautical boating dungarees?
A: Some of the cruises have a smart casual dress code where jeans and trainers are frowned upon. Just check the details on the experience you are considering to see if that applies to you.
Q: I have a lot of crazed, whacko dietary requirements due to a magazine article I once read, can I be appeased?
A: That should be fine if you have specific dietary requirements or if you’re vegetarian. Just make sure you let the supplier know when you are booking your date.
Q: Speaking of date, should I just hang out on the docks right now, because I am very happy to do that?
A: Nope, you can just purchase your voucher right now and then pick a date on a later occasion. All the info should be on the voucher to tell you exactly what to do. Certain dates may not be available, but the person on the phone should be able to fill you in.
Q: How long will this boaty business be going on for?
A: Completely depends which variety of cruise you go for. Lunch and dinner cruises tend to be about 90 minutes. The showboat cruise is about 3 hours long (to allow for all that dancing) so just check the details on the description page or else just contact us or the supplier.
Q: Anything else you are burning to tell me?
A: Don’t be late! If you miss the boat, you will literally miss the boat. Make sure you’re at the disembarkation point in plenty of time because when the ship has sailed, that’s it.

Fun Facts

  • 1. The Thames is the second longest river in the UK. The River Severn is longer, but how many TV title sequences is it featured in? Yeah, that shut it up.
  • 2. The Celts referred to the Thames as Tamesas, which meant ‘dark’. My guess is they were looking at it at night.
  • 3. About two thirds of London’s drinking water comes from the Thames. As I’m running a bath right now, I don’t want to know where the other third comes from.
  • 4. Pangbourne, where the river Pang flows into the River Thames, is famous as the home of Kenneth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows. A river pang is also something you experience when you really miss rivers.
  • 5. The Thames Path follows the river for 184 miles from its source, making it the longest riverside walk in Europe. But don’t bother twerking its entire length dressed as a Meerkat, you don’t receive any kind of reward. As I discovered to my cost.
  • 6. The boat chase scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed on the Thames at Tilbury Docks. But don’t bother going there now to look at it, it finished ages ago.
  • 7. The first underwater tunnel was built beneath the Thames in 1843 and is now used as part of the East London rail line. You can kill some time pondering this fact as you’re stuck on the train next to a man who smells of hay and despair.
  • 8. Westminster Bridge is painted the same shade of green as the seats in the nearby Houses of Parliament. Is this why the Greens won a seat at the last election? Or am I an idiot?
  • 9. Before Britain was separated from continental Europe, about 7,000 years, the Thames was a tributary of the Rhine. Just don’t tell UKIP, they’ll have a fit.

River Cruises: the stats

Overall, our River Cruises are rated 5 / 5 based on 1 reviews from happy Wish customers.