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Thames Lunch Cruise For Two

Cruise to victory on this lovely lunch on the River Thames for two
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  • Take a tour of London on the river Thames.
  • Cruise down the river for 90 minutes.
  • Enjoy a three course lunch.

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

Scientists have proven that food is actually more delicious when floating on a body of water. Not good scientists obviously. All the more reason to take a friend to this lovely lunch cruise on the Thames.

There are a lot of rivers in the world. The Rumpopo, The Alphonse and of course Munich’s famous Lagerfeld. But they all look like watery puddles of flat Vimto compared to the mighty Thames. The artery that runs through London like a big, wet artery.

And you can enjoy the Thames in all its damp, boat-holding glory as you drift leisurely along on and, to a certain extent, in it. Your cruise will pass all the major London landmarks: the London Eye, the Dick Emery Museum, Tate Modern, Winston Churchill’s Greenhouse, the Tower of London and Cleopatra’s Dongle.

You’ll enjoy it all from the comfort of your boat seat. And as we all know, boats seats are the most comfy seats on any mode of transport. And while in your comfy boat seat, you’ll be given a delicious three-course lunch. Starter, main, pudding – all will be yours. Oh, and your friend as well of course. You both get the grub.

Love boating, love floating? Then you’ll soon be gloating as you and a pal will be cruising down and Thames enjoying a scrumptious three-course lunch.
What happens on the day?
Boarding, or boat-getting-oning starts at 12:00pm on Embankment Pier, London. The boat departs at 12.30pm and the exact route depends on the tide times and the soberness of the Captain, but you can expect to see most of the major Thames landmarks. During the cruise your lunch and tea or coffee will be served. Then we’ll return to the pier at 2.00pm for the guests to disembark. A wine list is available on board but isn’t included in the package. The boat must keep to a strict timetable and so latecomers will be unable to board the vessel, so don’t be being latecomers. ....
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Terms & Conditions
This voucher is valid for 10 months and is for two people. The cruise is available from Wednesday - Saturday in April, from Tuesday - Saturday between May & September, from Wednesday - Saturday between October & December, and between January & March. We do advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment. The lunch cruise is not available 24th December-1st January, or on special dates such as Valentine's Day. This isn't suitable for children under 5. There's a smart casual dress code.