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Family Steam Railway Rover Ticket in Somerset

This is chuffing brilliant! Take the kids for a perfect day out as you shunt and chug all over Somerset in a steam train!
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  • Rove steamily all day long
  • As many trains as you can stand
  • Shepton Mallet and beyond!
  • Two grown-ups, two kids

Locations are an indication only and may be subject to change.

‘Trains run on steam? Poppycock!’ That’s the cleaned up version of what your kids will say when you offer them this amazing ride in an old-fashioned steam train.

You can prove them so very wrong in a way that will be both highly satisfying for you and utterly humiliating for them, as you board this historic conveyance at a spot in East Somerset that suits you and enjoy the ride of your life!

An entire four of you (two adults and two children or two concessions and two children) can not only revel in this splendid line through the glorious countryside around Shepton Mallet and its vicinities, the Day Rover tickets that we provide you with ensures that you can rove all day! Just as the name implies!
What happens on the day?

You can take as many trains as you desire on the line, so hop off and look at things if you think they appear agreeable, such as a tree that slightly resembles former jockey Willie Carson, a hill that reminds you of a distant relative or the sound of a rabid woodpecker. The remarkable landscape of East Somerset is filled to the brim with such things.

Or stay on the train and revel in this amazing slice of locomotive history, with this line that was inaugurated in 1855, originally part of the Westbury to Weymouth line to Shepton Mallet, later extended to Wells. Where Hot Fuzz was filmed! So you can do that as well. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of this vintage engine as it thunders down the track and slides saucily into stations. It will be a truly unforgettable experience.

Recreate moments form the golden age of travel, as you hop aboard this vintage steam train and enjoy a full day of roving throughout East Somerset!

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Terms & Conditions
Add coke to your fiery maw, as your voucher is valid for 10 months. Family tickets are for two adults (or two concessions) and two children, aged 3-16 years of age. The 16 year-olds may initially be surly, but even they will be won over by the choo-choo. Steam Railway experience vouchers can be used on any normal services and on most event days. Your day rover tickets allow you to travel on as many trains as you like throughout the day. Or as little, don’t feel obliged. These vouchers are not valid on Thomas events, Wine & Dine services or Santa specials. Train services operate on weekends from March to October with the addition of Wednesday services from June to September and then daily services throughout the peak summer holiday season. But don’t worry, the mighty locomotive engine can deal with peaks. Please book well in advance for preferred dates.